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Why do so many of us subject ourselves to years of studies? Studies that costs thousands of rands every year? It’s because we want a better future for ourselves. We believe that if we are more educated we are more likely to get a better paying job. And it’s true: After the years of studying … Continue reading


According to the South African Department of Education (in a press statement that can be found here), almost half of students who enrol for grade 2 fail to make it to their grade 12 examinations. Thus you’ve surpassed almost half of all learners by simply making it to your matric examinations! Continue reading

College SA Student Experience

College SA Student Experience

Hi Followers, Please watch the following video one of our students sent to us: No matter what your situation Change your Life to create a Better Future! Set your Goals and achieve it no matter what obstacles you face! Have a great afternoon 🙂 College SA