College SA Super Star – Caryn Steele-Boe

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Today’s article is not going to be about any of the great courses offered by College SA or any of the amazing benefits of being a College SA Student.

Today I would like to introduce you to one of our super stars – Caryn Steele-Boe.


Our super star - Caryn


Caryn Steel-Boe is College SA’s PPC Advertising Team Leader. This beautiful woman heads up the team that is responsible for setting up, creating and maintaining all of the College’s Google advertising.

Who is Caryn Steel-Boe?


Caryn is a soft-spoken, kind and warm person. She loves anything to do with animals and she is forever rescuing a kitten or a puppy. This amazing woman is multi-talented. She is an expert at arts and crafts and she can make anything with beads! Caryn is an avid reader and particularly enjoys reading fantasy books.


Why are we focusing on Caryn today? Caryn is one of the College’s super stars. She works tirelessly and passionately to make sure that people on the internet can find us. Her team members and fellow colleagues describe her as ‘loyal’, ‘intelligent’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘committed’. She has brought about amazing changes to College SA’s Google advertising campaigns. When it comes to Google advertising, Caryn is our resident genius.

Not only is Caryn passionate about animals, arts and crafts, reading and online advertising, she also feels strongly about following your dreams and working hard to bring about positive changes in your life. Caryn believes that nobody should be told that they cannot study. She wants as many people as possible to improve their education so that they can make real changes in their lives.

Caryn represents everything that the College cares about – loyalty, dedication, warmth and perseverance.

College SA is a better place because of Caryn!


Let’s all give Caryn a round of applause – this woman certainly deserves it!!!!




Project Management Courses at College SA

Are you a Project Manager? Are you thinking about going into the Project Management field? Do you want to find out more about Project Management?  If your answer is YES to any of those questions, then I have some very good news for you …


College SA proudly offers a variety of Project Management courses, in fact, College SA is an expert in the realm of Project Management courses.



If you want to find out absolutely anything about Project Management courses, then you absolutely have to read this really interesting article on the College SA website. Please CLICK HERE to go to this Project Management article.


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Management Courses

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Are you interested in finding our more about Management Courses? If your answer is ‘YES’, then you have come to the right place.


Did you know that College SA is a specialist in Management Courses? College SA is proud to offer you management courses that will give you all the skills that you need to become a successful manager.

Are you looking for some reasons WHY you should study a Management Course? If so, I recommend that you go to the College SA website to read a very interesting article about Management Courses. In this article, you will find a list of very good reasons why you should study a Management Course.

CLICK HERE to go to the College SA website to read the article about Management Courses.


If you are thinking about studying a Management Course, then I am sure you are also considering what kinds of management careers might be available to you. The College SA website has information about different management careers.

You should go to the College SA website to read a very interesting article about Management Courses. In this article, you will find information about the different management careers.

CLICK HERE to go to the College SA website to read the article about Management Courses and careers.


And of course you want to find out about the list of Management Courses that College SA offers!

College SA offers the following types of Management Courses:



College SA is clearly the leader in Management Courses!

Have you been told that you are not clever enough?

Hi there to you all,


Today I am going to tell you a little bit about myself. No, don’t worry, I am not going to tell you about what kind of food I like to eat and what I do over the weekends. I want to tell you about a personal story. I will share some very personal information about some very difficult experiences I had from early childhood in terms of my education.


I was only five years old when I started Class 1 (what we now call Grade 1). I was one of the youngest children in the class. I remember that I was so excited to ‘finally’ be able to go to school. My older brother had started school the year before, and I couldn’t wait to also be allowed to go to ‘big’ school.


Primary School



Unfortunately, all that excitement and enthusiasm that I felt about going to school soon disappeared.


Shortly after starting Class 1, it became obvious that my teacher really didn’t like me. I’m not claiming that I was the perfect kid, but still, it was really obvious that this teacher was not going to be my friend.


For the purpose  of this story, I am going to call this teacher Mrs Angry. Mrs Angry used to shout at me every day. Mrs Angry would insult me about everything and anything.


Part of the problem was that I was ‘foreign’ – I come from an Italian background. Mrs Angry was quite open that she didn’t like foreigners, especially foreigners from Italy. She said that Italians were dirty, stupid, lazy and just generally bad. Even as a young child I was very upset by the things that she said. I knew that I wasn’t dirty and all those other things.

Things did not get any easier for me as time went on in Class 1. Things got much worse.


Mrs Angry never allowed me to go to the bathroom when I asked to go. In fact, when I asked, she would shout at me in front of all the other children. Most unfortunately for me, this resulted in me wetting my pants. And of course, because I wet my pants, Mrs Angry would scream at me even more. She would hit me and pull me out the classroom and send me to the Principal’s office. I remember feeling very humiliated.


Things became even worse for me over the Easter period. All the children in the school had to make little baskets and we had to decorate them so that we could take them home for our families. Each child was given one chocolate Easter egg to put into their baskets. On the day that we were supposed to take our little baskets home, somebody took all the chocolate eggs from the baskets that were sitting in our classroom.


I remember walking into the classroom after our break period, and as I walked in, Mrs Angry grabbed me, started smacking me, and she said the most horrible things to me. She accused me of having taken the chocolate Easter eggs. She said she knew it was me because I was Italian, and in her mind, that meant that I was a thief.


No amount of pleading my innocence could convince Mrs Angry that I was not the culprit. For the rest of the day she shouted at me and told the class that I was the reason that they were not going to have any chocolate Easter eggs.


The following week, things reached a breaking point for me. Apparently Mrs Angry phoned my parents and told them that she thought that I was ‘mentally retarded’ and that she insisted that I go for tests at a special institute. She told my parents that I did not cut out pictures as well as the other children could and she thought that there was something very mentally wrong with me.

I remember my parents waking me up one morning telling me that we were going to spend a day at a special place where lots of friendly doctors and other people would want to spend time with me. Luckily, I was too young to understand where I would be going for the day. For an entire day, I was tested in every possible way by a huge team of specialists.


I can imagine that my parents must have been very anxious. I just thought that I was having a fun day spending time with new people.


My next memory of this situation is of a few days later. I’m sobbing my eyes out to my parents and to my older brother telling them how sad I was. I told them that I didn’t ever wanted to go back to school. I told them about Mrs Angry and all the things she used to say to me. I pleased with my parents, hysterically, that I wanted to be taken out of that school and to go to my brother’s school. I remember my dad being so shocked by what I told them. He became really upset. My brother gave them more information – I had been telling him all along about how horrible things were for me at my school.

By the way, in case you are wondering, the results from the educational testing institute came back – there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. 

Jump to my next memory. It’s the end of a school day and my mom is waiting outside the school to fetch me. My brother is also in the car. As I walk to the car, I notice that my brother is smiling from ear to ear. I wasn’t even by the car when my brother jumped out the car and said ‘Surprise’. I climbed into the car and my brother blurted out ‘You are never coming back here, you are coming to my school now’.


That moment must have been one of the happiest days of my life. I’m not just saying that. Even at my young age, I felt tremendous relief and a sense that maybe the nightmares of what I had been experiencing would be over.


My next memory is of my first day of my new school. I remember feeling terrified (what if my new teacher was going to be just like Mrs Angry) as well as feeling so happy. The school secretary took me up to my new classroom. As I got to the classroom door, this elderly woman (my new teacher) walked up to me, smiled at me, gave me the biggest hug ever and said to me: “Welcome Sonia, we are all so happy to have you here”. I thought I had gone to heaven. Part of me did not believe that a teacher could be so friendly and kind.


I am so grateful that my parents took me out of the first school and put me into a new school. At my new school, I soon became a confident and happy little girl.


However, I have never forgotten being told that I was stupid and that there was something mentally wrong with me. Those cruel words have stuck with me. They re-surface in my mind every now and then.


As an adult I believe that to tell a child that they are stupid is one of the cruelest things you can ever do to them. Not only is it cruel, but it is also abusive and psychologically damaging.


Throughout my life I have had to work extra hard to prove to my own inner critic that I am not stupid.


I don’t even know if such a thing exists as a ‘stupid child’. Children are all different. We all have different ways of seeing the world, we have different ways of learning and remembering facts.

I have been working in education for several years now, and there is something I believe to be true – that anybody can be successful with their studies (school or after). If a person is motivated and committed to achieving their goals, they can be successful. If a person is given support and encouragement, and not insults and constant negative reinforcement, then that person will have the confidence to keep trying and to work towards their goals.


I know that this has been a long article. It’s just really important for me to tell you that nobody what anybody has said to you in the past about your intelligence or about your academic performance, you CAN study further and do really well. Studying is for everybody and not just for a chosen few really clever people.


Please believe that you can study and that you can pass your course and that you can be successful.


By the way, if you are interested, I recommend that you read this article on the College SA website – it’s all about how the College will help you every step of the way with your studies. Click HERE to read the article.


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Distance Learning – College SA Study Material will HELP you all the way

At College SA you will study via Distance Learning (also known as Home Study or Correspondence Study).


In an earlier article we spoke a bit about what distance learning is and how it works. To put it simply, distance learning means that you study a course without needing to go to a classroom. You study at your own pace in a place that suits youit could even be your bedroom!


Because you don’t ever have to go to a classroom, that also means that you won’t be sitting in front of a teacher or a lecturer. But don’t worry – College SA has made sure that you will still have a great teacher:



Did you know that the College SA Study Material:


  • Is easy to understand and to follow
  • Is interesting to read
  • Is full of examples, diagrammes and case studies
  • Has lots of really useful explanations and definitions, and
  • Provides you with lots of opportunities to practice and test your new skills and knowledge.


Did you also know that you get ALL your Study Material sent to you via COURIER for FREE?


College SA – we really will help you every step of the way.


Call us today on our Toll Free Number: 0800 21 23 22





Pastel V12 Certificate course with College SA

Pastel V12 is a computerised accounting software package that is a must-have for any bookkeeper or accountant.


College SA offers a 12 month Certificate course in Pastel V12. In this course, you will gain knowledge about the following:


  • Installing Sage Pastel Partner Version 12
  •  Working in the demo company
  • Creating a new company
  • Using Auto Setup
  • The Edit Menu – Customers
  • The Edit Menu – Suppliers
  • Lesson 7: The Edit Menu – Suppliers
  • Creating and editing accounts and inventory items
  • Processing
  • Second Month of Trading
  • Monthly and Occasional Processing
  • Sundry Processing


If you are thinking about going into Bookkeeping and / or Accounting as a career, OR, if you are already a Bookkeeper or Accountant, we highly recommend that you register right NOW for the College SA Certificate in Pastel V12.


CLICK HERE to go to the College SA website course page about the College SA Certificate in Pastel V12.


The College SA family is so excited to have you as one of our students soon!


Call us NOW on our TOLL FREE number – 0800 21 23 22