Personal Assistant – College SA Certificate Course

In today’s business world, the Personal Assistant is a very important person. The Personal Assistant of any company acts as an organiser, an anchor as well as an initiator.

The duties of a Personal Assistant are varied, and they can include any of the following types of tasks:

  • Screening of telephone calls, enquiries and requests, and handling them when appropriate;
  • Liaising with clients and other staff members;
  • Organising and maintaining  diaries (and other schedules) as well as the making of appointments;
  • Dealing with incoming business communications such as email, faxes and post;
  • Corresponding on behalf of their manager;
  • Minutes and dictation;
  • Research tasks;
  • Producing documents;
  • Arranging and going to meetings;
  • Assisting their manager to be fully prepared for any presentations or meetings;
  • Liaising with external and internal clients;
  • The devising and maintaining of office systems (this includes data management);
  • Sorting out any travel and accommodation needs;

Did you know that College SA offers an exciting and informative Certificate course in Personal Assistant Studies? If you are considering becoming a Personal Assistant, then we highly recommend this course to you.

This 12 month Certificate course is perfect for you if you want to gain valuable administration and business skills, but don’t have the time or the urge to go to classes and seminars. With College SA, you get to study via distance learning (or home study). This means that you study WHEN and WHERE it is suitable for you.

Click HERE to get more information about how home study works with College SA.

To find out more about the College SA Certificate in Personal Assistant Studies, please click HERE and you will be taken to the Personal Assistant course page College SA website.

We look forward to welcoming you to the College SA family soon!

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