Celebrating 2 Years of Marketing Management Magnificence

Today I am feeling very nostalgic and proud. Two years ago a remarkable person took over from me as the College’s Marketing Manager. Today we honour Sanet Nel on her two-year anniversary at College SA.

Who is this woman who has achieved literal miracles in the College SA Marketing Department?

A feisty Aries, the eldest child of four girls, naturally gifted, determined, tenacious, confident, ethical, hard-working, passionate … those are just some of the ways we could describe Sanet Nel. From high school Head Girl, to an au pair in Holland, to a passionate teacher, to a brilliant translator at Parliament – Sanet Nel  now calls the College SA Marketing Department her home.

And for that we are all so grateful.

Sanet took over from me at a time when the Marketing Department consisted of just four people. I believe the Marketing Department now has an empire of close to 20 people (and growing)!!

Within the Marketing Department there are subdivisions consisting of the IT team [design and programming], the Social Media team, the SEO team, the Online Advertising team (PPC), the Maintenance team.

Sanet is an inspiration to all those who come into contact with her. She exudes palpable passion for the College and for everything that she does at the College.

Her smile is infectious and her team thrive in the warm environment that Sanet has created for them.

Sanet is a true believer in that everybody has got strengths and that everybody can improve on those strengths. She encourages her staff members to study further, to find new abilities and to make the most of their strengths.

A self-confirmed workaholic, Sanet has contributed so much to the department that there wouldn’t be a blog post long enough to cover all her accomplishments.

At the time of handing over my position to Sanet I was very sad as it felt as if I was saying goodbye to something very close to my heart. I soon discovered that Sanet took my fledgling department and converted it into the most dynamic and astoundingly driven team of people possible.

I handed over a grain of sand, and Sanet has converted it into the most magnificent stained glass wonder (metaphorically speaking).

stained glass 1 stained glass 2

I gave you a seed, and now you dance in a field of tulips.

tulips 2

Well done Sanet, you have inscribed yourself upon us all in so many ways.

That’s all folks.


11 thoughts on “Celebrating 2 Years of Marketing Management Magnificence

  1. Beautiful words for a stunning manager! Thank you for everything you have done for us Sanet.. You are so spectacular at what you do. Endless gratitude..

  2. Happy Anniversary Sanet!
    It has truly been an honor to be part of the marketing department, to have you as my manager has (hopefully) only made me a better employee. You have guided and helped us to achieve new goals, and have always lended an ear for any kinds of problems that we have had, whether they were personal or work related.
    Everytime a student has an issue, even if its not marketing related, Sanet takes it under her wing and takes personal charge to make sure that the students issues are solved. Always working overtime to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and that everyone is happy. Working a problem from every single angle to try and make sure that there is no one that is unhappy with a solution that has been given.
    Thank you so much for being a truly excellent manager on every level! 🙂

  3. Being a leader doesn’t mean ruling over a bunch of men with iron fist but to reign over their hearts. You are the best boss I have ever worked with. Thank you for everything u did for us Sanet. You inspired me in so many ways.

  4. If you think that Sanet is one in a million, then you have definitely NOT met Sanet. Sanet is one in a BILLION!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Sanet Nel will be able to tell you that College SA certainly “practices what they preach”, (even behind the scenes). Sanet is definitely evident of this.

    She takes the time and effort to understand each and every person’s individuality and strengths. She encourages and motivates everyone to believe in themselves. She provides positive re-enforcement, encouragement and praise for work done well. She genuinely appreciates and acknowledges hard work.

    A more fair, passionate and approachable manager you will not find. Congratulations to Sanet on her anniversary at College SA, may she have many more.

  5. I remember the first day I walked into College SA for my interview. I was extremely overwhelmed and nervous. I was told to sit outside the CEO’s office and wait for my interview.
    Not long afterwards I was approached by a woman with a friendly smile on her face. This woman was Sanet – I will never forget the feeling of automatically feeling comfortable. Not knowing who she was or that she’s the Marketing Manager I was going to work for, we engaged in conversation.
    She told me about College SA, and what work they do here. I immediately felt enthralled by her passion for the college and her work. Her passion was so infectious and motivating that I still feel the same way a year later. I will never forget that moment!
    Sanet is an amazing person and an inspiring manager. Her passion for her work drives people to want to do their best, and keeps them motivated. She will always be someone I see as a stronghold and one to look up to.
    Being in a fledgling management position myself, she is one of my role models; always advising me in better was to manage my team. I would be truly grateful if one day I am even a quarter as great as Sanet is at what she does.
    Thank you Sanet, for being the BEST Manager I have ever had the pleasure of working with!

  6. I well remembered on the day of my first round of interviews, there was a blondie and big woman with a heart of gold and real inspiration who I did not know, was actually my marketing manager who interviewed me along with Simba. I merely thought that she was someone at any level, but not that at managerial level: she is a boss, friend, colleague and psssstttt….she is a fan of SpongeBob. Maybe SpongeBob would be her next person to sit around to give her a lot of breathers… So the moment she walks in, she carries vision; during her time she transforms vision into reality; above her time she keeps the reality growing; after her time the reality turns into a phenomenal phase. So this is the story behind Sanet’s footprints. Never there will be someone like Sanet Nel. There is a time for laughter. There is a time for celebration. There is a time for a break. This is Sanet’s mangerial’s overseeing of her colleagues. What do we have about her? We do love everything she is, will be, and always will be!!!!! Forever. We feel honoured to be part of your journey. Ulf and Lana

  7. Dear Team,

    I am completely overwhelmed with these beautiful responses… Honestly have no words to express what this means to me… Sjoh…

    “Thank you” is inadequate, but it’s all I can come up with right now…

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


    PS: Keep up the great job! We’re building a College that will become part of South African history and a household name long after we’re gone. I’m extremely proud to work with each one of you.

  8. A Toast! To College SA’s Iron Lady with a heart the size of a local minibus taxi, always room for one more!

    it is always a pleasure to work with you and always a pleasure when you motivate us to improve and do more, you are always understanding and you always take our views, opinions and our advice to heart when you want something to happen, you always treat us with kindness and compassion and you always make sure we are happy and taken care of with our needs in your department.

    Thank you for a truly remarkable experience and an environment that makes even the rainiest days feel like the sun is shining.

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