Hi there dear Blog Readers,


Today it’s a cold and grey Friday here in Cape Town. So I thought I’d write a short article about something that warms me up and makes me feel good – kindness.


I would like to issue a challenge to you today: this weekend, see if you can go out of your way to do one act of kindness to somebody. It could be to a stranger or to somebody you know.


One act of kindness can change a person’s day. You never know, you could do one small thing for somebody, but for that person it could be a really great and appreciated gesture.


An act of kindness can literally be anything. Or could be saying ‘thank you’ to your taxi driver, it could be helping somebody make dinner – anything.

Today, my day was improved by a myriad of acts of kindness – colleagues smiling at me, a car on the road graciously allowing me to drive into the lane in front of them, a thank you I got from a Team Leader. So much kindness that really brought some sunshine to my day.

I also want to say thank you to all our regular followers and readers – it’s really awesome knowing that we have so many fans out there. I encourage you to reply to any of the articles. I love hearing from you all.


Have a safe weekend readers. And, may your weekends be filled with kindness.



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