A job you actually LOVE doing

What If You Could Find a Job You Actually Love Doing?

Hi there Dear Readers,

I hope you are doing well. Today’s blog post comes from one our newest shining stars at the College. We’ll call him Mr A for now. Thank you Mr A for this really great post. We look forward to having more of your posts on our blog!

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life,” said someone somewhere once upon a time (the jury is still out on whether this was the 500 B.C. Chinese Sage Confucius, or the American business author Harvey Mackay).

Either way, I like that sentence a lot: it’s very simple (almost too simple), yet it has profound implications for the type of life you choose to lead in these busy modern times.

For me it has always been such a morbid thought to think that people spend the majority of their adult lives working in a job they find utterly dissatisfying. Think about it: for the larger part of your waking hours you will be at work – and if you drudge every morning and languidly count down the hours until you get to leave the office again, what kind of life are you really living?

Sure, you need employment to make money. And you need money to enjoy what little time you have left to yourself. But let me lay down some layman’s philosophy that will help you understand:

Karl Marx (who was one of the greatest modern thinkers, despite the failure of Soviet Communism soiling his legacy long after his death) had some interesting things to say.


He postulated that what makes humans unique is that we have to actively labour to sustain ourselves in this world. Consequently, the work we do to survive is the thing that defines us as human beings. Here is an experiment: what is the first thing you ask someone when you are introduced to them for the first time?

You probably ask:

So, what do you do?

We define ourselves and each other by our occupations, by what we do to keep existing in this world. Now, what Marx consequently decided was that because we define ourselves through our labour, what we do for a living needs to be something through which we can express our humanity. Marx wanted work to be self-actualising: a fulfilment of our potential as human beings.

Now, I’m not saying (and neither did Marx, nor Confucius, nor MacKay) that you must stop working and become an unemployed landscape painter.

  • What I’m saying is that you have to work, but you don’t have to hate it.
  • You can find a profession to be passionate about.
  • You can find work through which you’ll be able to express yourself.

Maybe you are a writer: copywriting might be an occupation that you will find highly stimulating. Are you very social and quick on your feet? Perhaps you can look into radio broadcasting as a lucrative means to making a living.

And I think this is what I like most about College SA: the variety of courses you can choose from, all geared towards interesting and ideal vocations you might never have considered before.

I was looking at the list of events management courses the other day and it struck me that I know so many people unhappily stuck in stuffy offices who would be perfect for this type of work (I’m thinking in particular of one friend who is very lively, highly organised and rather bossy)! Perhaps they need someone to tell them that they can enjoy their work and that they can be passionate about their profession.

And when you are passionate about what you do, you take pride in your job and you work harder and better.

And people will start taking note of this: it’s often people who enjoy what they are doing that naturally end up top in their fields. So, if the following picture sums up your workdays, then maybe it’s time for you to rethink a few things:


Do yourself a favour and go take a look at all the career paths you can possibly study towards at College SA. Maybe the job you’ll love doing is waiting right there.


Thank you Mr A – I couldn’t agree with you more. I am so grateful that I am in the job that I love doing.

That’s all Readers, for today. Take care of yourselves. Remember – don’t give up on your dreams. You are worthy of having them come true!

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