A wedding must-do

Whether the big question has been popped, or whether it was just a mature decision between two grown-ups to tie the knot, the fact still remains: A wedding is on the way!

Most girls cannot wait to plan their big day. I know that I am definitely one of those hopeless romantics who want every fine detail to be perfect – from the dress, to the music, to the ‘thank you’ gifts. And let’s not forget those beautifully captured moments!


I saw someone’s Facebook status the other day that read, “Photographs have a way of remembering those little precious memories, long after you have forgotten them”. Well, thank goodness for technology and cameras!

Some of our best instruments when taking photos are our eyes. Everyone sees and perceives things differently, from details, to colour contrasts, to which moments are camera-worthy. So, when I get married one day, I won’t be having professional photographers at the ceremony or reception. Instead, I have decided that I would like my closest family and friends to capture their favourite moments of my big day.

So, here’s my detailed plan:

Choosing the photographers: A month or two before the special day, my partner and I will decide who will have the privilege of receiving one or two disposable cameras to capture special moments on our wedding day. (Note to self: Remember to choose carefully – our wedding album rides on this decision).

Brief them shortly: I will be sure to brief them shortly beforehand, so that they know what types of moments I would like them to capture. This will be such an intimate and fun experience for the “photographers” on the day.

A week before the big day: At this point, I will already have the perfect image of what my perfect wedding day will look like. I will make a card with keywords on them so that the photographers have an idea of what I am looking for.


The big day: If there are particular photos that I would like, I will be sure to inform one of the guests holding a camera. Other than that, I will relax and enjoy every moment. ♥

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