Our Champions that Overcome

Hi there Dear Readers,


I hope that you are all doing well. In today’s Blog post, I would like to salute all the College SA Super Heroes and Champions.


These champions are our students and are staff members that overcome all the challenges in their lives, no matter how tough these challenges are.


Life always throws us curve balls. Sometimes these curve balls really suck. In fact, life sometimes throws us some truly horrible curve balls.

Coping with curve balls

A champion is somebody that faces these curve balls – head on – and still gets up every morning and does what they need to do.


you can do it


As Students, I know how tough it can be to study – you have to afford your studies, you have to find the time to study etc.

As Staff Members, I know that sometimes work can get tough and stressful.


But, as Champions, we find a way to carry on. We rely on the strength and love of our friends and family. We dig deep within ourselves and we find our inner strength and we discover than we are far stronger than we ever realised.


We find our strength


I know that there are so very many champions out there. Champions, like angels and car guards, are all around us.

Today, I would like to pay tribute to a Champion that sits right next to me – the lovely Sasha.


Sasha, you are part of our our family. We know your laugh just as we know your Spirit.

Our hearts broke with yours when we heard about your diagnosis.

But, every single one of us knew that you would overcome.

Every single one of us here decided to do whatever we can to help you.

Beautiful Sasha, we are by your side during this curve ball journey –

we respect what you are going through and we honour the courage that you show.

Without a doubt, you will overcome.

You are stronger than the diagnosis and you are already crushing the cancer.

You are one of us, and we won’t let you down.

You are braver than brave and lovelier than lovely.


Today, we honour our colleague and friend Sasha – who is kicking cancer’s butt in true Champion style.


We love you Sasha. Thank you for being our Hero.

Our hero, Sasha