Why I get up early

My puppy has long since destroyed my slippers, so now I have to stand barefoot on the dewy grass outside each morning (teeth clattering and ears freezing). This is my life now – each day I get up early to take my doggie outside before I leave for work. I stand in the cold darkness (while Bogart the Beagle sniffs around) and wonder what I did in life to deserve having to get up this early.


I used to get up when it was still dark outside back when I was still in school. But it was different then – my mom literally had to kick me out of my bed like I kicked Bogart out this morning. If you asked me in high school why I got up in the mornings, I would’ve told you that it wasn’t exactly my choice.

But it’s my choice now, much like it was when I first started studying. Parental coercion suddenly became self-discipline.   And here I am with stars still out above my head, getting up early to go to work. It’s only now, thinking about it, that I realise even in the cold of winter, getting up early isn’t something I do because I have to. It’s a choice I make, much like it was a choice when I was studying.

I won't have to get out of bed for days and days!

The reason I make this choice with each new dawn is simple: lying in bed the whole day is not the life I want to lead. I actually want to do things, get things done, throughout the week. And I guess that’s why so many people go the extra mile through studying via distance learning.

Distance learning is tough, maybe even tougher than getting up early. It takes self-discipline, dedication, and self-motivation (there’s no mom to kick you out of bed in the morning and tell you to open your textbook and study!). It’s a choice you make, even though you know it would be much easier not to make it.

Distance learning is for those who want to make something of their lives. They get themselves out of bed in the morning because they know that’s the only way to get anything done throughout the day. And you know what: these are the people who are going to be successful in life.

All in all, I have to admit, getting up early in the winter isn’t all that bad. At least I get paid to do it. And I was only able to get a paying job because I finished my studies by getting up early in the mornings. That’s how you get things done. One thing is for certain though, with my next pay cheque I’m buying myself some cosy new slippers and keeping them out of reach of my puppy.

Beagle puppy