Ackson Moyo’s Inspirational Student Story

At College SA, our favourite thing is to hear from our students. Ackson Moyo, who is currently finishing his events management course, had an interesting story about how he ended up working and studying in Dubai.

Ackson Moyo

In 2012, Ackson registered for the College SA Advanced Diploma in Business Events Management course with us. Like many of our students, Ackson had a full-time job to help him pay for his studies. And then the worst possible thing happened. Ackson writes:

“The journey was so smooth and very exciting until I lost my Job”

Losing his job meant more than just losing his livelihood; it also meant he couldn’t complete his course, which could have had devastating effects on his future plans.

“I struggled a lot to go so far with this Course, out of 12 subjects am remaining with only 2 for me to finish this course. This mean my life, I sacrificed myself taking half of each and every month salary to pay for my studies for two years. It was not easy but I survived by grace of our Almighty God.”

Ackson could have given up, but he had come so far, and had already learned so much. So, with the skills and knowledge he had acquired through his partially finished course, he went on and found a new job. And not just any job – he got work in the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel in Dubai!

Ackson in Dubai

But Ackson still wanted, and needed, to finish his Advanced Diploma course. Early in June, he sent us an e-mail in which he told us his story:

“My worry is that, the Hotel knows that am still a student, but yet am not studying anymore. The question is they will be waiting until when to see my Diploma?

I believe College SA is there to help needy people like me, if there is someone out there to hear me out please do, as am very much in need of direction, where to go from here?”

And of course we were more than happy to help him. Sonia, our Quality Assurance Manager, made sure Ackson received a bursary to finish his course.  “We are very proud of you that you completed so many of your course’s subjects,” she wrote to him, “We can see that you worked very hard on your studies and that you took your studies very seriously”.

Ackson is still working in Dubai now, finishing the last two subjects he needs to get his Advanced Diploma and build his career further.

We want to thank Ackson for letting us share his story, for all the hard work he has already put into his course, and for showing us all that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Good luck, Ackson! Let us know when you are one day running that hotel!

Ackson Moyo
Are you currently studying with us? Do you have an interesting story or inspiring tale to tell about your studies? You can leave us a comment below and we will happily share it with the rest of our students.