Believe in your dreams

“Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” – W. Clement Stone


Since young children, we had dreams and ideals of what we would like to become when we grow up. Most of us wanted to become teachers, fire fighters, police officers, ballerinas, or doctors. As we grew older, a new world opened up to us, and we realised that there are so many different careers to follow.


dreams, goals


Some of us never strayed from our early childhood dreams, and became what we always wanted to. And the rest of us were faced with endless possibilities. Even as adults, we are still faced with new career opportunities, and so often we just dismiss them. We think that we will never be able to land that particular job or enter a new career path. What we do not realise is in fact how easy it could be.


There are three things that you will need:

  1. Training
  2. Experience
  3. Belief in yourself


For students graduating from high school, it might be easier to study a full-time course. But as adults, parents, or working people, we will find it harder to take the necessary time to study. We cannot simply give up our jobs in order to do so. That is why distance learning is so great. It is an easy and convenient way to study a course in virtually any field of interest, and gain the necessary training that many jobs require.


In many industries, experience is just as important as the training itself. This is a major advantage of distance learning – you will be able to gain experience in your field while you study.


In life, there is something more important than training or experience. It is your belief in yourself and your ability to believe in your dreams. If you have a dream of becoming a project manager, but you do not believe that you will ever become one, then you most probably won’t. But if you believe in yourself and you push yourself towards your dream, then you are most likely to succeed. There are few things in life as strong as self belief, hope and determination.


Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” – Gail Devers


It does not matter if you are 16, 35 or 70 years old – if you are faced with a possibility to realise your dream, then go for it! Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. And that is what I would like each and every one of you to remember. Believe in the beauty of your dreams. Believe in your friend’s dreams, believe in your parents’ dreams, believe in your child’s dreams, and most importantly, remember that you should never stop trying to achieve what lies in your heart.


dreams, goals



Pope John XXIII said that we should not consult our fears, but our hopes and our dreams. We should not think about our frustrations, but about our unfulfilled potential. We should concern ourselves not with what we have tried and failed at, but with what is still possible for us to do. I could not agree more.


“Dream it. Believe it.  Be it.” – Oprah Winfrey 

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