LEADERS on Hello Peter

In this day and age, how can we know if a company is truly living up to their name?

Hello Peter, a well-known online customer service site, has become one of the most popular domains on the internet where consumers can compliment or complain about a company.

People often use this site to determine the quality of a company, or the services that they render. For instance, I’m sure that you will be wary of a company if they receive more complaints than compliments.

It is for this reason that we are proud to give you the following statistics taken from Hello Peter.

Did you know that College SA is one of the world’s most complimented companies, across ALL industries?

According to Hello Peter, College SA is currently in the top 20 of the most complimented companies IN THE WORLD! What’s more, this ranking is not only within the education sector, but across ALL industries!

Considering how many companies exist across all sectors throughout the world, this is a GREAT accomplishment for our College.

College SA also has the highest compliments ratio and the lowest complaints ratio within the education sector.

Hello Peter reveals that, within the education industry, College SA has the best compliments to complaints ratio. This means that, out of all the feedback received about College SA on Hello Peter, our compliments far exceed the complaints.

The ratio of compliments to complaints is a very good indication of a company’s success. It does not help that a company receives many compliments, if they receive just as many complaints!

College SA is thus VERY proud to have the best compliments to complaints ratio in the education industry.

So, to sum up the above information…

College SA, according to Hello Peter:

  • Is in the top 20 of the most complimented companies in the world (across ALL industries)
  • Has the best compliments to complaints ratio (in the education sector)

These statistics provide us with great reassurance that we, at College SA, are keeping our students happy – which is, and will always be, our number one priority!

Now when you tell your friends and family that you are studying through a quality distance learning college, you can use these statistics to prove it!

Thank you for all the compliments thus far – we promise to keep on delivering exceptional service!

Not yet a student of College SA? Contact us now, and let us help you turn your dreams into a reality.

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      Thank you for your query. Unfortunately, we do not offer flight attendant courses. Please click here to see our list of courses. You might just find something of interest to you!

      All the best with your future endeavours!

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