Marius Sky’s Inspirational Story

At College SA, we love to hear inspirational stories from our students! These stories make us so proud, and remind us why we love what we do!

Today I’d like to share a story about Marius Sky – one of our valued students.

Marius felt that he was at a standstill in his career, as so many of us sometimes feel! So he decided to take a bold step and further his studies – and we are so glad that he decided to study through College SA!

Marius was so adamant about advancing himself and his career, that he sold their family car in order to pay his study fees and buy study-related equipment, such as a computer and printer – that takes TRUE determination! Marius writes,

“It was the best decision that I ever made – an investment in my future”.

As life would have it, however, he encountered a problem during his studies… His computer broke! He relied on this computer to complete his assignments for his course, so this really threw a spanner in the works!

Marius, being the strong-minded individual that he is, did not let this stand in his way of following his dreams and completing his studies. He travelled long distances, by taxi, to an internet café in order to finish his assignments. Nevertheless, HE DID NOT GIVE UP!

He was comforted by the fact that our Student Support staff were always there if he needed them, and he knew that “help and motivation was always a phone call away”.

Marius successfully completed his studies with us, and has already enjoyed the fruits of his efforts. He writes,

“At my workplace, my opinion and judgment is now respected by the owners and I was promoted to a more responsible position in the business.  I am being sent to regional tourism meetings to represent the company, help with the selection of new staff and also give input when staff is being promoted within the business”.

Well done, Marius!

We are so proud of Marius, as well as each and every one of our students who never give up, despite all odds! We believe in you, and are always here for you – EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

Don't give up

Are you currently studying with us? Do you have an interesting or inspiring story to tell about your studies? You can leave us a comment below and we will happily share it with the rest of our students!