To study, or not to study?

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Are you thinking of studying, but still have a bit of doubt in your mind?

Siyabonga Ngema, who successfully completed his studies through College SA, has kindly offered to share his story with us – with the hopes of motivating other aspiring students.

He has shared his reasons for studying, how he experienced distance learning, what motivated him, and how his studies have helped to improve his life.

Here is his story:

I chose to study:

Because I wanted to grow in the line of work that I’m in, and also to earn more money than I do now.

 My experience on distance learning:

This was my first time, but I have to say that it was great, because no one was pushing me – I had to find that place within me to push myself.

 How I motivated myself:

I looked at my family and I said I want to give my family a better life. I said I want to give my daughter the best life under the sun. I said to myself, I want to give my wife a husband she can count on and someone that will give her a warm home. And I knew that with this course, I will be walking closer to see all these things come true. But most importantly, I knew that this will put me where I want to see myself.

 Things that helped me to study:

Well, I kept on reminding myself why I was studying and what life will be like when I complete the course. These thoughts kept me focused on my studies and motivated me to make time for my studies.

 How has studying changed my life?

It has improved my life in the work place and also at home. I now get to sit in the proposal briefing and add where I can. It has showed everyone that I’m willing to learn and grow myself – not because someone is pushing me, but because I wanted to see myself becoming a CEO someday, and these steps will take me there.

I would also like to thank the student advisor for all the help and phone calls that I received. I was asked if I was still on track, and told that if there are any bumps that I should feel free to call for assistance.

Thank you, Siyabonga, for sharing your story, and all the best in your pursuit to becoming CEO! We know that you will make a success of your life.

Are you currently studying with us? Do you have an interesting or inspiring story that you would like to share? You can leave us a comment in the comment box below, and we will happily share it with the rest of our students.