It’s an HONOUR

Hi there,


I am a really lucky / blessed person. Every day, I get to come to work (College SA) and share an office space with some really amazing people – my colleagues.


My colleagues


In our Department, we have all sorts of interesting personalities:


  • We have a shy, SMART, independent SUPER BABE that also happens to have the KINDEST HEART, especially in terms of rescuing and looking after stray and vulnerable animals;
  • We have a soft-spoken, soccer-loving, MAN-HUNK, ‘techie’ GENIUS that just gets everything done, perfectly, every time;
  • We have our very own MR COOL – suave, SEXY, funny and all-round ADORABLE in an ‘adopt-me-and-take-me-home’ kind of way;
  • We have a MATURE, wise, CONSIDERATE, creative, STYLISH, well-informed, hot-bodied, BEST AFTERSHAVE, human-rights watchdog who has the most PROFOUND eyes I have ever seen;
  • We have a thoughtful, WISE, considerate, observant, REALLY FUNNY, intelligent and HIGHLY COMMUNICATIVE yet hearing-impaired IT-Pro that can answer absolutely any IT-question that you throw at him;
  • We have a funny, HELPFUL, meticulous, street-smart, world-wise, sometimes STRICT, NO-EXCUSES, mother-of-three, who is the ‘keeper-of-all-the-knowledge’ and general CAPTAIN of the Department;
  • We have an unusually HANDSOME (yet super ‘vampire’ pale) WITTY, erudite gaming ‘geek’ that makes ‘geek’ look unbelievably COOL and HOT – he has basically revolutionised the ‘face’ of cool.


My colleagues


They are all charming and funny. They make me smile every day. They come up with the funniest jokes. They are so helpful and kind. Each one of them makes my work day so much better.


I am honoured to have them in my life. Each one of them.


They are my colleagues. My ‘peeps’.

My people


You are awesome – thank you for everything. You make College SA an even BETTER place.

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