Let the words flow

Everyone has their hobbies the things they do simply because they enjoy it.


Many people play games or play sport but a particular hobby I always found interesting was writing. Oh sure it could be short stories novels article or even a blog!

The art of writing has always fascinated me, despite my lack of natural skill, and motivation.

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I would like to give some tips for all those who love writing or perhaps would one day like to try it.


A lot of the time, new writers especially, people struggling with creativity or creating something new. A tip from bestselling writer Stephen King is to stop watching TV and read instead as that allows creativity to flow freely as well as opening up your mind to be inspired by others literary works.


However never steal from other writer’s it’s important to draw the line between inspiration and stealing. The TV is a threat but isn’t the only one.

Never allow there to be many distractions while you write. You know the type of person you are and you know what distracts you.


If the internet is calling to you rather work on a computer that doesn’t have internet connection or access to games or other things that will be distractions.

Some people even find open windows distracting and have to close it up to stop themselves gazing outside. All of this is about getting into the perfect setting to write.

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Finding a perfect setting might be ideal but perfectionism is not. It is highly unlikely on your first try that you are going to write a bestseller so don’t be under constant pressure to make everything perfect. This can ruin the whole experience for you. Write for yourself and then worry about making it better, not perfect just better.


Keep writing pieces as simple as possible. Don’t try using big words to impress your readers. It doesn’t make any form of writing better when the reader has to piece together what the author is saying. It also creates the impression of trying too hard which is not necessary. However never dumb down, assuming your readers are dumb just insults their intelligence.


A good balance is necessary.


Lastly have fun doing it. No-one is going to continue their hobby if they hate what they are doing. Have fun with your writing and don’t pressure yourself too much. Forcing yourself to be finished by a certain date has ruined many good books as the endings become sloppy and hastily wrapped up.


Lastly a final tip consider doing a writing course in our Creative School at College SA.

We offer distance learning so it can be done without leaving your permanent job or other engagements.

Find your inner creativity 🙂

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Take Care

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Learning, the chore of the day

Many children consider learning and studying terrible and dull, but it doesn’t have to be, many parents complain their children can’t focus to do all their work and children say the same.

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Children can sit in front of books staring at pages for hours, and not learn a thing. It’s an issue happening all over the world, a child gets home and his parents make the child study for a test the teacher will give him the next day. Then after a day of excessive reading and memorizing the child does badly.




The mom gets angry at the teacher because her son studied all day for the test, therefore the teacher must have made it too hard. The child gets angry at his parents for making him study when it didn’t help at all. The teacher is angry at the child for not doing well and making her look bad. I think it’s clear to see what issues this form of studying can form.

What is the root of these problems? Why it’s simply boils down to ineffective study methods.

There are many factors that can help you study as well as methods. Let’s takes look at a few critical ones.




  1. Find interest in your work. Many people try to be goal driven when working “I have to do this to get into university” Yes that may work for some people but many people have a problem working towards delayed gratification. So try find things in your work that are interesting link it to one of your passions or stories you remember well.
  2. Manage your time. Many people will sit down to study and then eat and shower and then think well it’s been two hours since I started. Or many people will study the day before the test and try to cram it all in with no other preparation. Time management is important in making sure you get enough studying when you need to get it.
  3. Location, location, location. Studying is one of those cases where location really matters. Being in a distracting environment with loud people or distracting objects like your pc cold be detrimental to your focus. Finding a nice comfortable, but not overly so you aren’t lulled into day dreaming, with limited noise and distractions is key to studying.
  4. Short studies short breaks. Many people dismiss this as nonsense and that they can focus for long periods of time with no breaks. Very few people are truly capable of this and it is most likely you are not one of them. Therefore take short study sessions and then breaks to relieve your mind, because despite the feeling that you are learning your mind isn’t.


Most of all though is never give up on studying and trying to better yourself. There is no better goal than self enhancement.




Have a Great Day!

The chase that leads you straight into the ground


I have always been puzzled by the individuals that chase money. To me it always seemed like a very pointless endeavour, doing something you hate because it pays more than the job you love?

That is absolutely absurd. You need to make your life about more than money. Be wealthy in terms of friends, family and a job that you love, and can be proud of.

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Money won’t lead you to a life of happiness, sure maybe when you retire you can have a big house with a huge pension. Then when you realize you have wasted most of your life sitting there in an empty (granted very big) house crying about wasted opportunity, you’ll see that money isn’t everything.

Sure there is the joke “Money, doesn’t make you happy. But it’s a lot more comfortable to cry in an Audi than on a bike.”


Sure it is but wouldn’t it be better to be happy in an older Volkswagen than miserable in a BMW. I’m not saying that you should take the less paying job. I’m telling you not to let money be the deciding factor. Because if your happy in your job and happy with your home life the money won’t matter, as long as you make enough to support yourself and your family.

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I always find it interesting to speak to young people mostly students and find out what they are studying and why. Many answer because it has money, or because of the renown of the subject, such as a doctor or engineer. Some say it is what their parents wanted or other such things. This is extremely sad to hear. There are, however always some students who say they are interested in it. This always made me glad to hear.

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One person I was extremely pleased by, I won’t divulge the name as it isn’t my right told me that while studying with College SA spoke to the CEO, Jan Badenhorst, and when she asked him for some advice he said, “Don’t chase the money, do what you love and then you’ll find a way to make money from that.” I later emailed him asking if this was true, he actually responded to me confirming her story. It’s glad to see that some people understand the value of finding your passion.

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Have a wonderful day! 🙂

Need to Up-Skill? Limited Time? Choose a College SA Short Course!

Things you need to know about getting a job:


If you are looking for a new job, or, looking to get employed for the first time, then there are a couple of things that you need to know:


  1. There are going to be hundreds of people competing for the same job that you want. So, you need to make sure that you and your CV stand out and get the attention of your future boss.
  2. What really counts is proof that you will actually be able to do the job. So, having a Degree is great, but this does not always mean that you will have the necessary skills to be able to do the job.


Tips  for Career Success

What are some CRUCIAL Skills needed for most jobs?

Below is a list of really important skills needed for most types of jobs. Go through the list and ask yourself if you have these skills:


Get the skills and shine




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It doesn’t matter if you are considering becoming an Accountant or a Graphic Designer – you will need certain basic business skills.

With a College SA Workplace Short Course, in 6 months (or less), you can ensure that you really know how to do the important stuff for your new job.

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On fire – can we handle the flames?

Fire is an amazing (and terrifying) force of nature. Our ancestors relied on fire for warmth, protection and for food preparation purposes. This is still true for many people in the world.

Fire, however, can also destroy, ravage, scorch and kill.

All eyes are on the raging fire burning rapidly through Cape Town’s southern peninsula:

Fire in Cape Town

People are evacuating their homes, and there has already been considerable damage to the vegetation and to properties. Sadly, many animals are dying in the flames.

I am glad to see that the general public is being so generous with their emotional and physical support for our fire fighters and other rescue service personnel. These people must be so exhausted. Yet, they are not giving up.

Imagine facing a fire so fierce that even experts describe as ‘unstoppable’ and ‘uncontrollable’. 

Fire all around

Have you ever felt that a situation was helpless, hopeless?

I came across a picture of an exhausted fire fighter who was taking a quick drink of water. During his break he noticed, just a few metres away from where he was standing, a small tortoise that was about to be burned alive. This fire fighter was clearly exhausted, filthy and dripping with sweat from the extreme heat. He dropped his water and raced towards the tortoise. He got to the tortoise in time and handed the small creature to another fire fighter so that the tortoise could be taken out of the danger area.


Saving the tortoiseFires can be really scary. The amount of damage that they can cause can be indescribable and unquantifiable. But, there’s something quite interesting about fires … Land  becomes stronger and more fertile after a fire. Fires are sometimes nature’s way of renewal. 

Metaphorically speaking, we have all faced fires. We have all experienced the intense flames of pain, hurt and destruction. Do we come out stronger after these fires? Or, are we permanently scorched after the ‘flames’?

“Fire bursts out” Hard Times, Charles Dickens.

Walk through the fire

Sparks of light