40 Tips for an exceptional life

Exercise daily.

Get serious about gratitude.

See your work as a craft.

Expect the best and prepare for the worst.

Keep a journal.

images (1)Plan a schedule for your week.

Know the 5 highest priorities of your life.

Say no to distractions.

Drink a lot of water.

Improve your work every single day.

Get up at 5 am each day.

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Be a hero to someone.

Smile at strangers.

Be the most ethical person you know.

Don’t settle for anything less than excellence.

Write thank you letters to those who’ve helped you.


Forgive those who’ve wronged you.

Remember that leadership is about influence and impact, not title and accolades.

Create unforgettable moments with those you love.

Have 5 great friends.

Become stunningly polite.

Read daily.read-515531_640

Be content with what you have.

Pursue your dreams.

Be authentic.aspire

Be passionate.

Have a vision for your life.

Know your strengths.

Focus your mind on the good versus the lack.

Be patient.

Don’t give up.


Travel more.

Be a great teammate.

Give no energy to critics.

Know your top 5 values.

Shift from being busy to achieving results.large

Speak less. Listen more.

Be the best person you know.

Honour your parents.

Make your life matter.


Take Care!

How to save someone’s life


I’ve spent a while thinking about this, but I cannot come to any logical conclusion as to why some people possibly believe that first aid is useless or simply a waste of time…

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Every time first aid comes to mind, I just imagine how many people’s lives have been saved because first aid courses and tutorials exist.


Just think, some mothers-to-be don’t have access to good medical care and some simply cannot make it to the hospital in time. Those people who eventually have to deliver these babies (instead of doctors) generally have some sort of first aid training.

What will you do if you’re stuck in a situation that requires immediate medical attention, but you have absolutely no clue what to do?

There are many first aid courses out there, all you have to do is open your eyes and look at them. Personally, I completed a first aid course through the South African First Aid League and then later followed up with a College SA Save a Child course. And both these courses have benefited me and others around me in so many ways.


You can also help out at any sort of sporting events and in emergency situations; at least you will know what the correct protocol is.

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We, as humans, are fragile beings. Everyone knows that I’m not joking when I say that we can break. And we need care. And it’s the sad truth that we live in a developing country where this care isn’t always available. Thus it’s up to us to protect ourselves, our families and anyone else around us.


I feel that it’s everyone’s responsibility to at least know what to do in certain emergency situations.


You need to know how to do CPR, especially if you take care of children or have children of your own. And no, CPR is not simply blowing into a person’s mouth. You need to now that the nose has to be blocked for the air to efficiently reach the patient’s lungs; you need to know how many compressions are necessary…


Every single person needs to know what to do in case of burn wounds. When you have small children around in the kitchen, pots and pans and stoves become a safety hazards. And you need to realise that accidents do happen. And what will you do in case of an accident that involves your children?


College SA offers a short course: Save a Child First Aid. This is a short, 3 months, course, but honestly it can be completed in a much shorter period of time. This course covers all the basics of first aid, while also focussing on young children. You can find more information on this course here: http://www.collegesa.co.za/Creative-Studies/Child-Day-Care-Studies/First-Aid-Save-a-child.html

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I hope I’ve inspired every single one of you to become aware of the dangers around you.

Take Care!


Things that can make you happy


There are many things that make people happy; so many people say there are big secrets to be happy.

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Now instead of giving you some big secret to live a happy life I have something simpler; some little things that can make you happy daily.

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Focus on these little things you do daily

1. Waking up, fully rested. Isn’t that feeling of waking up perfectly rested just amazing and doesn’t that make you happy?

2. Having a good appearance; looking good for the day, that’s very cool.

3. A good breakfast.

4. Finding money you didn’t know you had. Rich or poor this is a great feeling.

images (8)

5. Hearing your favourite song. Music changes your mood.

6. Enjoy the weather –  cold or warm!

7. Getting  work done, because you are just so productive and in a very determined.

8. Your 8 hour work day was so productive it just flies by.

images (3)9. Getting to leave work earlier.

10. When you get home, kicking off your shoes.

11. Watching your favourite movie or series

12. Having a good healthy supper that you enjoy

images (10)

13. Having a nice shower or  a long bubble bath.

14. Getting ready for bed feeling content and accomplished for all the tasks of the day.

15. Smiling when you drift off to dreamland

Sure we don’t always have great days,  however we should try to enjoy these little things that we experience daily.

Change your mindset!

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Happiness is a choice and you can live happily!