Schools – Do they help?

Little hands drawing between school supplies and apples

In recent times everyone places a really high value on education. That, children should go to school until students completely finish school and get a matric certificate. Yes this undeniably helps students with a large range of skills, values knowledge.

You learn skills such as:


  • How to read and write properly.
  • How to do basic mathematics, this helps when you will be buying, goods or if you want to start a small selling business.
  • How to organise and plan, this can help in your everyday life.
  • Better memory, this helps you in your daily life.

You learn values such as:

images (1)

  • To work in teams.
  • To respect one another.
  • Hard Work.
  • Listen to those in charge.

You get knowledge in:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Life Orientation.
  • A whole range of other subjects you choose

However this is not a complete education, this does not give you the necessary skills to actually get a job. Therefore it may be better for you to not get a job straight out of school, and look at studying at a college.


Colleges such as College SA focus on making their students employable.  This is done through all the many courses, which most colleges offer even if it is just a short course to teach you a particular skill or two.

Further education is definitely a must have in today’s society therefore it may be in everyone’s best interest in they decide to take further studying quite seriously and do their best to make it their priority.

Keep weel

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