Short Courses

Why do so many of us subject ourselves to years of studies? Studies that costs thousands of rands every year?

It’s because we want a better future for ourselves. We believe that if we are more educated we are more likely tse3DiXHkiWbl-kkYRgg2yAKodh-km5cQWHGFgaCTQ-r6TS7fPQv8heSalAmo4GT3rFizbg=w1256-h574o get a better paying job. And it’s true: After the years of studying you will learn skills that are going to allow you to get a better job than you could get if you didn’t study.

Yet, many of us can’t afford to study for years. Many of us can’t spend years of our lives studying, not working, just to get a better job. What if there was another way to improve your career, a way that you could be working your way to a better job in months and not years? A way that will cost you a tenth of what it normally would?

There is a magical solution

I want to tell you that not only does that option exist, but is available to you today.  The magical solution: Short courses.

Yes, short courses will give you the necessary skills to secure yourself a better job with ease. The reason that short courses are so much more effective than studying a degree or diploma, is that they are designed to teach you a particular set of skills. All you have to do is identify which skills you need to get ahead in your career.

Savings because of Short Courses

Once you identify the skills that you need, you have two options:

  1. You can go and study at a university, putting your job and life on hold forking up thousands of rands per month for the next few years. Where yes you will learn the skills you need, along with plenty of other knowledge that won’t help you at all.
  2. Or you can do a short course, that in a few months teaches you the precise skills that you need for your career. The best part is you don’t even need to stop working. You can do many short courses while working.

If you are ready to make the smart choice and study a short course, we have many for you to consider: From childcare to accounting, our wide range of short courses are specifically designed to give you the skills you need to get ahead in your career.

Wide range of choices

Our full list of short courses can be seen here.

It’s my hope, that these short courses re-ignite many people’s passion to improve their career. Let this be a reminder it’s never too late to achieve your dream.Studying Short Courses

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