The (not so boring) world of Computers

Hey there,

My general feeling towards computers has always been ‘UUUUUGHHHH – Boring!!!

My childhood was spent in a time where companies like Microsoft and Apple were pioneering computer technology in the United the States. And I, on the other side of the world, was oblivious to all these advancements.

Not that I really cared about computers … other than making the occasional birthday card using Paint App, and playing Minesweeper. [For those of you that don’t know what Paint or Minesweeper are – Google them]

Computers seemed very weird and complicated to me. A whole bunch of squiggles, numbers and a weird square thing, used to put ‘stuff’ on the computer. Yawn…

IT squiggles

My brother, on the other hand, was super into computers. He spent most of his childhood on his PC, curtains drawn – in darkness.

I had never seen someone so pale!

IT plae

I remember boys in school would spend Friday nights and sometimes entire weekends “LAN-ing” [basically a bunch of guys spending hours in front of their PC’s]. Weird! I thought they were a bunch of weirdo nerds, who would still be living at home at the age of thirty, eating cereal while ‘playing games’ on their PC’s.

So I carried on with life not caring too much about computers. Because, really, it didn’t affect me nor did I believe it ever would.


Was I wrong!

Fast forward a couple of years, and suddenly I live in a world where we use computers for EVERYTHING! I can’t get away from it. I have tried to run. I have tried to hide. I am confronted with them.

Every. Single. Day.

Yes, Work? They are there! Look down at my hand? Oh, there is another tiny computer! Looking for information? Google is my best friend!

By the way, those ‘weirdo nerds’ I was talking about … it turns out that they are actually interesting and extremely talented and supercool.


(and sometimes super sexy too … )

These ‘nerds’ are driving the future of Information Technology. They are creating and innovating new and exciting ways of doing things. They are literally changing the world.

So why did I drag you through my childhood? And, what does my realisation about computers mean for you?

Well, I want YOU to get excited about computers!

I want you to become an Information Technology Rockstar!

Mostly, I want you to have a fabulous career, with lots of opportunities. And, I want to steer you toward organisations and courses that will help you do that!

College SA has grabbed the opportunity to provide students with really awesome and useful IT courses, for example, courses that train you on Adobe, CompTIA and Microsoft. Many of these courses actually guide you to becoming a certified professional. All of the College SA courses have been designed with YOU in mind -your knowledge of computers, your skill level and your natural preferences.

Take a look at this:

  • Administration guru? Microsoft Office!
  • Creative and artistic? Graphic Design or Web Design!
  • Configuration, troubleshoot, Local Area Connection (LAN- hah!) makes sense to you? CompTIA A+ or Network+!
  • You know that Java isn’t just coffee and a Server isn’t just the guy that brings it to you? Microsoft Certification!


IT skills are in high demand! There are endless opportunities. The industry is growing at such a rapid pace that companies HAVE to create new job positions.

All. The. Time.

And, there is a spot for you – if that is what you want. It really doesn’t matter whether you are into admin, art or programming. Any company you can think of needs a ‘you’!

Cool fact: CompTIA runs an entire initiative dedicated to encouraging women to rock IT just as hard as men!

IT girls


How can you sign up to become an IT Rockstar?

[Luckily this isn’t Idols and you don’t have to sing]

Simply go to our website, fill in the online form and we will call you. No, seriously! We will! College SA staff really enjoy chatting on the phone. J

Now, before you get too excited about becoming an IT Rockstar, go and check out the College SA page about our Computer Courses:

We can’t wait to guide you to an awesome career!

Keep on rocking!


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