It’s so EASY with College SA

Warning – I’m really upset and am having a bad day. So this blog article is not going to be happy, warm and fuzzy kind.

Dear Readers of my Blog (should I call you Bleaders??),

I have just experienced one of the worst forms of customer service ever. I am so angry and irritated that even my colleagues want to run away from me.

Angry at bad customer service


I had to go to the bank, yet again, to provide them with documentation giving proof of my new physical address. After driving to the bank in a torrential flood and almost being involved in 17 accidents, I finally got to the bank. I waited in a queue for an hour. I sat in front of my ‘friendly service consultant’. It took him three minutes to explain to me how the bank could not accept any of my documents because there was something ‘technically’ wrong with each of my documents:

  • The one document was missing one word (‘latest’)
  • The one document came from a company and not from an individual person
  • The one document said ‘invoice’ instead of ‘statement’.


So basically, this entire experience was a huge waste of time. Does the bank not realise that I had to take time off work in order to go and see them? Does the bank not realise that I have a day job? Does the bank not realise that they are pathetically anal retentive? Does the bank not realise that they almost made me into a crazy, psychotic banshee?





Now dearest Readers, I am normally a calm and kind person. Most of my friends have never seen me truly angry. In other words, it takes a lot to get me to the point of wanting to cause large-scale physical destruction. But I am there now.

Absolutely pathetic customer service.

Does the bank not want me as a customer? Are they deliberately trying to p!ss me off so that I take my business elsewhere? Did some cruel bank employee come up with a list of 73 ways to really upset their customers? Why can’t their processes just be easy?


I compare this latest experience with how things are for our students at College SA:

  • Want to register with us? EASY! Call us on 0861 663 663. It’s even a toll-free call.
  • Want to register with us without having to leave your office or your house? EASY! Call us on 0861 663 663. You don’t have to come in to see us to register with us. We can do it all over the phone.
  • Want to register with us without having to fill in fifty-six forms and documents? EASY! Call us on 0861 663 663. We have a paper-less registration option.
  • Want to register with us easily and in a hassle-free manner? EASY! Call us on 0861 663 663. Our registration process is so quick and simple that we promise you that it won’t call you any stress.
  • Want to register with us but you want us to contact you to start the process? EASY! Go to our website and click the shiny red button at the top of the page that says ‘CLICK and WE WILL CALL YOU FOR FREE‘. It literally won’t cost you a cent, or an aneurysm. You give us your contact number and somebody will call you. 
  • Want to register with us and start your studies quickly? EASY! Register with us and you will have your study material and be studying in three days or less.
  • Want to deal with somebody friendly and knowledgeable when you register with us? EASY! When you register with us you will speak to a helpful and friendly Personal Student Advisor. 


You see, it’s so easy with College SA.


More things in life should be easy:

  • Butternut should be easy to cut
  • Hair should never frizz
  • The kettle should always have water in it already
  • Shops should have traffic cops in them preventing congestion in the aisles
  • Shops should have more tellers so that we don’t have to wait in long queues
  • The roads should have more lanes so that traffic can flow smoothly


Yes, I can keep dreaming.


But seriously, with College SA, joining our family is really easy.

[PS: I have to go back to the bank now. If you hear about a crazy lady that took an axe and smashed all the glass and desks in a bank, you can be sure it was me. I’ll try to look pretty for the security cameras. I might go crazy, but I still want to look good doing it].


That’s a wrap,




FET Courses

Have you always wanted to further your education? We can help … 

If you have read through some of our previous blog posts you will already know, we are no ordinary College.

The staff here at College SA, even the ones who never deal directly with students, are totally invested in helping the people of our country further their education. We try and make sure each student who comes to us with a question, gets an answer, and more importantly – gets the chance to study the course they have always wanted to study.

Further Education and Training (FET) colleges are able to offer a wide range of courses to suit the needs of our students.

Are you interested in Sports and Fitness?

We have those courses..

What about Management or Accounting Courses?

We have those too…

Childcare, Writing Courses even interior design

Don’t believe it?  Head over to the College SA website to have a look through our list of FET Courses, and find the one which is right for you.

FET Courses at College SA

“The discipline of writing something down is the first step towards making it happen..”
Lee Lacocca

Unravelling the mysteries of FET Colleges

Many of our students ask us what exactly an FET College is…

We thought we would try and give a brief explanation of the word and the world of FET Colleges.

FET stands for Further Education and Training.

In South Africa the education department is divided into three broad categories:

  • General education – our school years until grade 10
  • Further Education and Training – the final three years of high school, or completing training courses with the equivalent NQF level.
  • Higher education – this is the training you receive from a university.

FET Colleges are designed to offer a very wide range of courses to a very large group of people.

This is mainly possible by making use of supported distance learning – which makes it possible for students to complete their studies while working during the day.

FET Courses range anywhere from Sports courses to Accounting Studies.

If you would like to browse through College SA’s range of FET Courses, or to learn more about Further Education and Training Colleges, Click here.


College SA - the best private FET College

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
Martin Luther King, Jr

Sports Lover??

Ever wondered how you could make a career out of your love of sport?


Many of our Sport studies students are passionate and committed to achieving their goals and dreams of working in a field which makes them happy. College SA offers a range of courses in Sports Studies tailored to suit the needs of our students. Whether you are interested in Coaching or theoretical knowledge about fitness, the courses are available and the choice is yours.

College SA has teamed up with the Exercise Training Academy (eta) in order to offer you the widest range of courses and qualifications possible.

Head over to the College SA website to have a look at the range of courses or to learn more about Sport and Fitness Studies.

Sport Studies at College SA

Don’t let people convince you that you can’t achieve your goals!

Celebrating 2 Years of Marketing Management Magnificence

Today I am feeling very nostalgic and proud. Two years ago a remarkable person took over from me as the College’s Marketing Manager. Today we honour Sanet Nel on her two-year anniversary at College SA.

Who is this woman who has achieved literal miracles in the College SA Marketing Department?

A feisty Aries, the eldest child of four girls, naturally gifted, determined, tenacious, confident, ethical, hard-working, passionate … those are just some of the ways we could describe Sanet Nel. From high school Head Girl, to an au pair in Holland, to a passionate teacher, to a brilliant translator at Parliament – Sanet Nel  now calls the College SA Marketing Department her home.

And for that we are all so grateful.

Sanet took over from me at a time when the Marketing Department consisted of just four people. I believe the Marketing Department now has an empire of close to 20 people (and growing)!!

Within the Marketing Department there are subdivisions consisting of the IT team [design and programming], the Social Media team, the SEO team, the Online Advertising team (PPC), the Maintenance team.

Sanet is an inspiration to all those who come into contact with her. She exudes palpable passion for the College and for everything that she does at the College.

Her smile is infectious and her team thrive in the warm environment that Sanet has created for them.

Sanet is a true believer in that everybody has got strengths and that everybody can improve on those strengths. She encourages her staff members to study further, to find new abilities and to make the most of their strengths.

A self-confirmed workaholic, Sanet has contributed so much to the department that there wouldn’t be a blog post long enough to cover all her accomplishments.

At the time of handing over my position to Sanet I was very sad as it felt as if I was saying goodbye to something very close to my heart. I soon discovered that Sanet took my fledgling department and converted it into the most dynamic and astoundingly driven team of people possible.

I handed over a grain of sand, and Sanet has converted it into the most magnificent stained glass wonder (metaphorically speaking).

stained glass 1 stained glass 2

I gave you a seed, and now you dance in a field of tulips.

tulips 2

Well done Sanet, you have inscribed yourself upon us all in so many ways.

That’s all folks.


College SA Super Star – Caryn Steele-Boe

Hi there everybody,


Today’s article is not going to be about any of the great courses offered by College SA or any of the amazing benefits of being a College SA Student.

Today I would like to introduce you to one of our super stars – Caryn Steele-Boe.


Our super star - Caryn


Caryn Steel-Boe is College SA’s PPC Advertising Team Leader. This beautiful woman heads up the team that is responsible for setting up, creating and maintaining all of the College’s Google advertising.

Who is Caryn Steel-Boe?


Caryn is a soft-spoken, kind and warm person. She loves anything to do with animals and she is forever rescuing a kitten or a puppy. This amazing woman is multi-talented. She is an expert at arts and crafts and she can make anything with beads! Caryn is an avid reader and particularly enjoys reading fantasy books.


Why are we focusing on Caryn today? Caryn is one of the College’s super stars. She works tirelessly and passionately to make sure that people on the internet can find us. Her team members and fellow colleagues describe her as ‘loyal’, ‘intelligent’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘committed’. She has brought about amazing changes to College SA’s Google advertising campaigns. When it comes to Google advertising, Caryn is our resident genius.

Not only is Caryn passionate about animals, arts and crafts, reading and online advertising, she also feels strongly about following your dreams and working hard to bring about positive changes in your life. Caryn believes that nobody should be told that they cannot study. She wants as many people as possible to improve their education so that they can make real changes in their lives.

Caryn represents everything that the College cares about – loyalty, dedication, warmth and perseverance.

College SA is a better place because of Caryn!


Let’s all give Caryn a round of applause – this woman certainly deserves it!!!!