College SA Super Star – Caryn Steele-Boe

Hi there everybody,


Today’s article is not going to be about any of the great courses offered by College SA or any of the amazing benefits of being a College SA Student.

Today I would like to introduce you to one of our super stars – Caryn Steele-Boe.


Our super star - Caryn


Caryn Steel-Boe is College SA’s PPC Advertising Team Leader. This beautiful woman heads up the team that is responsible for setting up, creating and maintaining all of the College’s Google advertising.

Who is Caryn Steel-Boe?


Caryn is a soft-spoken, kind and warm person. She loves anything to do with animals and she is forever rescuing a kitten or a puppy. This amazing woman is multi-talented. She is an expert at arts and crafts and she can make anything with beads! Caryn is an avid reader and particularly enjoys reading fantasy books.


Why are we focusing on Caryn today? Caryn is one of the College’s super stars. She works tirelessly and passionately to make sure that people on the internet can find us. Her team members and fellow colleagues describe her as ‘loyal’, ‘intelligent’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘committed’. She has brought about amazing changes to College SA’s Google advertising campaigns. When it comes to Google advertising, Caryn is our resident genius.

Not only is Caryn passionate about animals, arts and crafts, reading and online advertising, she also feels strongly about following your dreams and working hard to bring about positive changes in your life. Caryn believes that nobody should be told that they cannot study. She wants as many people as possible to improve their education so that they can make real changes in their lives.

Caryn represents everything that the College cares about – loyalty, dedication, warmth and perseverance.

College SA is a better place because of Caryn!


Let’s all give Caryn a round of applause – this woman certainly deserves it!!!!