Just Be Yourself

I often wonder how many things I’d do differently if I knew for a fact that no-one was watching me or tracking my progress.

When singing in the shower, for example, there is no one checking whether you are singing out of tune, so you tend to enjoy it much more (unless you share the house with weird people who actually listen).

There are so many questions I didn’t ask at school, because raising my hand would mean everyone would turn and look at me. I’d have to ask an intelligent question, and sound eloquent, so I rather avoided asking any questions at all.

It’s especially intimidating when people seem to be reaching stardom while we are asleep. It’s no longer uncommon to hear that a neighbour who used to play street soccer with you is suddenly in the big leagues, and you wonder how on earth anything you do will ever compare.

I was watching television yesterday, and an 18-year-old Capetonian is currently one of the top 10 models in the world. Not in Cape Town, not in South Africa, but the entire world! Wow.

In a world with so many young people reaching such phenomenal levels of success, it is tempting to look around and feel discouraged. All your achievements may seem small and insignificant in comparison.

The truth is, there is always going to be someone more successful than you. You need to learn to be comfortable in your own skin, and run your race in your own lane. The pointless exercise of trying to be like someone else, or trying to beat everyone else, is just like chasing the wind – you’ll never get it right.

Be Happy, Be Yourself

You won’t get very far in life if you keep worrying about what other people are going to say or think if you do something. Live your life the way you sing in the shower – if it goes out of tune here and there, so what?

Success will not come knocking on your door while you are sitting in a corner trying to think of perfect moves that people won’t laugh at. It will only come if you stop thinking about other people, and if you step out and do something.

College SA is looking for people who want to step out, and take charge of their lives and their education. Give us a call, and be on your way to achieving your dreams.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” – Steve Jobs