Don’t believe what they say …

It’s a sad fact that, in life, we are going to come across some seriously hurtful people.



Hurtful people


Hurtful people can be hurtful in a variety of different way. Often, hurtful people use cruel words to hurt us.


 Words – even if you delete them off a page – remain in our memories.


For example, I can still remember the hurtful words said to me when I was in primary school by one of the school bullies (and this happened over 25 years ago).


It’s just one of the mysteries and joys of human life – we get hurt and, of course, we hurt others.


Many of our Students at College SA tell me that they experienced people in their lives who were hurtful towards them about their intelligence and about how successful they would (or would not be) later on in life.


My own primary school Principal told me that he didn’t think that I would be very successful in life.


That’s just awful.


There is some good news:

1) Things become easier once you accept that there will always be negative and hurtful people.

2) Things become easier still when you realise that the opinions of those negative people are not based on the truth.

3) Things become even easier when you discover that you can achieve your dreams and be happy, in spite of what those people said to you.


Don't believe the nastiness


What I love about working at College SA is seeing our Students succeed – in spite of what the students may have believed about their supposed lack of intelligence or educational abilities.

With every single student that graduates from College SA, I think to myself:


“Everybody can study. Everybody can improve their knowledge and skills. Everybody can achieve”.


Studying is not just for clever people, or just for the people who did really well in school. If somebody tells you that, they are lying to you.




Studying is for everybody. We are all entitled to become better skilled and better qualified people.


If the only reason why you are not studying now is because somebody told you that you wouldn’t make it, then, it’s time to stop believing what that person told you. They lied to you.


Do not believe what that person said to you.


College SA is a College for all sorts of Students. Our College family welcomes anybody who has a sincere desire to make a difference in their life. 


If you want to start proving to other people, but more importantly, to yourself, that you CAN be successful in your studies, well then, what are you waiting for?


College SA – we are here for YOU.






If it means anything then DO NOT give up

Hi there Dear Readers,

How are you doing today?

Carry on reading, and, once you are done reading I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are.

Another chance



Right, let’s start by acknowledging a few (difficult) things:

  • We all make mistakes;
  • We all get stuff wrong;
  • We all start things that we never finish;
  • We all ‘fail’ at certain things; and
  • We all need extra chances to get things right.


Readers, we can be talking about diets, relationships, work projects and courses that we are studying …. we all make mistakes.

Sometimes we fail miserably.

How many resolutions and objectives have we not met?

The purpose of this article is NOT to make you feel bad or sad. No.

We need to accept that it is ok to make mistakes and to get things wrong.


We all make mistakes



Every day I get things wrong. Seriously. I don’t even want to mention how many ‘stuff ups’ I make on a daily basis, but the list could include things like:

  • Over-sleeping;
  • Not getting to work on time;
  • Being an inconsiderate driver in the morning because I am in such a rush to get to work;
  • Not eating breakfast;
  • Not eating lunch;
  • Snacking on unhealthy food;
  • Not finishing my work tasks;
  • Not managing to sort out my desk;
  • Not greeting everybody that I see;
  • Being irritable;
  • Making mistakes on things I am working on …


Can you see, our ‘mistakes’ are many and can take many forms. You might think that being irritable is just a small mistake. Maybe. But sometimes me being irritable leads to me rushing through a project and thus not giving that project my full attention. Perhaps also my irritability results in me not being particularly nice to the people I care about. Little mistakes can lead to bigger mistakes.

It’s probably not even worth distinguishing between small and big mistakes.

We are all less than perfect. Sure, we can all strive towards perfection. But let’s get REAL here – we are not perfect. Not even the Dalai Lama is perfect.

I am not perfect

I’m not saying don’t try to be brilliant. Brilliant is good . But make sure you understand what ‘brilliant’ means for you.

Okay, so we know about our mistakes. It’s okay. The fact that you made a mistake is actually proof that you TRIED.


 “There is no perfection only life”
― Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness Of Being


My question to you – what are you going to do about those mistakes? If you have recently failed at something (no matter what it is), what are you going to do about it?

Firstly, well done for acknowledging where you went wrong. At least we are not in denial.

And now? What’s next?


Try again


So we have done acknowledgement. Now, stop beating yourself up.

Are you the kind of person that punishes yourself by constantly reminding yourself of your failures?

Don’t. Stop doing that.

After acknowledgement comes action.

Is there anybody that you need to apologise to in terms of the mistake that you made? Did your mistake hurt anybody? Often we hurt those we love the most with our mistakes.

Find a way to say sorry that is sincere and that is meaningful to the person you are apologising to.

Right, now, are you going to try again?

Are you going to get up off the proverbial floor and work towards getting things right? Are you going to set new and fresh goals? Are you going to put your true effort into trying to accomplish whatever it is you want to do / achieve?


Try one more time



How important is it that you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve?  

Again, we can be talking about goals / projects / resolutions / resolutions … anything.

What does this goal actually mean to you?

Do you know why you have this goal? Is it a goal that you can realistically achieve? For example, I know that I will never, EVER, became a world-class marathon runner. That is just not going to happen. Not even close.

What can you do differently this time to help you to achieve this goal?

How badly do you want to achieve this goal? What are you willing to do to achieve this goal?


“While I can’t have you, I long for you.I am the kind of person who would miss a train or a plane to meet you for coffee. I’d take a taxi across town to see you for ten minutes. I’d wait outside all night if I thought you would open the door in the morning. If you call me and say ‘Will you…’ my answer is ‘Yes’, before your sentence is out. ” Jeanette Winterson


Go on … what are you waiting for? Get up off the floor. Look deep within yourself and find the courage to step forward again.

Don’t give up. Ever. Keep trying. Keep hoping. Keep believing. 


“I know that life isn’t life if you just float through it. I know that the whole point –  the only point –  is to find the things that matter and hold onto them and fight for them and refuse to let them go.”
― Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Okay Readers, that’s enough soul-searching ‘serious stuff’ for now. Take care of yourselves.