Brilliant like a Bookkeeper

Have you ever heard the expression – “number cruncher”?

How about, “bean counter”?

People tend to think the world of Accounting is boring, dull – without any creativity.

The truth of the matter is that accountants are faced with a whole range of new challenges and tasks every day! Creative problem solving and a keen sense of business are crucial attributes for most forms of accounting.

Bookkeepers are the detail orientated professionals who keep the business running behind the scenes. Financial accountants often create procedures and outlines for a department, and trust the bookkeepers to carry out the tasks quickly and efficiently. This is important because the data collected by the bookkeepers is used to guide management when making decisions about the future of the business.

Bookkeeping Courses at College SA


Students can complete courses in Bookkeeping by registering for a qualification accredited by an educational institution such as the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB).

College SA now offers a range of courses together with their academic partner, the ICB.

To read more about bookkeeping as a profession, or to see the list of courses on offer, Click here.

The first step is to say that you can. The second step is to believe it!

Pastel V12 Certificate course with College SA

Pastel V12 is a computerised accounting software package that is a must-have for any bookkeeper or accountant.


College SA offers a 12 month Certificate course in Pastel V12. In this course, you will gain knowledge about the following:


  • Installing Sage Pastel Partner Version 12
  •  Working in the demo company
  • Creating a new company
  • Using Auto Setup
  • The Edit Menu – Customers
  • The Edit Menu – Suppliers
  • Lesson 7: The Edit Menu – Suppliers
  • Creating and editing accounts and inventory items
  • Processing
  • Second Month of Trading
  • Monthly and Occasional Processing
  • Sundry Processing


If you are thinking about going into Bookkeeping and / or Accounting as a career, OR, if you are already a Bookkeeper or Accountant, we highly recommend that you register right NOW for the College SA Certificate in Pastel V12.


CLICK HERE to go to the College SA website course page about the College SA Certificate in Pastel V12.


The College SA family is so excited to have you as one of our students soon!


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