Journalism has been around for centuries; it has evolved from a town crier to the first newspapers in 1665 in London.


Journalism in all its different forms of print had complete market domination. That is until the 1930’s when radios had complete coverage of the news. The next big opposition to ‘traditional journalism’ was Television news which started taking some attention from ‘traditional journalism’ in the 1950’s. Although journalism in print did evolve with the times by adding pictures throughout its lifetime and since 1980 have started printing in colour.


Now journalism has a new frontier mobile journalism. Several questions arise from this statement.

What is mobile journalism? What form of news reporting is working on this?

Those questions have quite simple answers. Mobile Journalism is when the news you find reported on television or in newspapers or magazines can be found online. This doesn’t mean people who have commented on it or small web links. This is when the company has built a website to show all the news that is in the daily newspaper; in other words 100% coverage and all of it online.


These online services are something you occasionally have to subscribe to. Yet, this normally works out cheaper than the normal newspaper price because you don’t pay for printing.  These online versions of newspaper have the ability to be more interactive with the average reader, and provide a complete new level of easy to access news. Even publishing giants see the benefit of this.


Media24 is the largest news company in the whole of South Africa. They publish over 60 magazines including the YOU and HUIS genoot. They also publish more than 100 newspapers this includes Die Burger and the Tyger burger.  They have also moved towards mobile journalism.  They have options were you can purchase magazines subscriptions online; and when you subscribe to this you can get a dozen digital magazines for under a hundred rand. The costs do fluctuate but works out much cheaper then buying them in print. They have also developed websites for their newspapers for example Die Burger, where you can read all the latest news.


All this change, it appears as if nothing is immune to the passage of time and the constant development of technology. Journalism had to evolve or it would slowly fade away.

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If you are interested in pursuing a career in Journalism please click on the link below for more information:

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Very few people want to work for bosses. However few people can afford to be their own boss. It isn’t easy and takes a lot of hard work to become your own boss or to get to the point where you don’t really have one boss, just equals.


However there is two ways this can happen, hard work from inside a company or secondly, you could be an entrepreneur and start your own business. Being an entrepreneur requires many things that may seem difficult but at the same time, the requirements seem lacking.



Do you know what qualification you need to start a business? Nothing!

You don’t need a degree you don’t need a diploma or certificate none of that is necessary.

Now a degree or diploma may help if you are starting out and applying for financial aid but there are examples of many great people succeeding without degrees.

A few examples are:

  • Bill Gates


  • Mark Zuckerberg


  • Steve Jobs (When Steve Jobs first dropped out of college he recycled cans to make get by)


Just because these successful people dropped out doesn’t mean that you have too or that you necessarily should. This just goes to show how you don’t need a degree to be successful. Now we know what someone doesn’t need to be a successful entrepreneur let’s look at what he does need.


The first thing is to do what you enjoy. Starting a business that has the foundation of something you love. This will motivate you to care more about the business and work harder to make sure it is successful; in this regard it is better to focus on passion then just pure money.


However you do need to start a business that will make money and have an income, research all your options thoroughly and make sure you are providing something that consumers want or need. This doesn’t necessarily have to be new but if it is similar to others businesses you need diversity as well as be able to compete with your rivals.


A business is all about the customer, knowing your customer, what they want and how to appeal to your customer. This means that you need to know your target market. The age group of who you appeal to what fluctuations in their income will cause and how this will affect your business.

Also you need to know how to advertise to your target audience. Obviously as the business grows you will hire people to help you with the day-to-day running marketing and so forth of the business but in the beginning when designing the structure of your business you need to know how to appeal to consumers from the beginning.

Finally be organised and delegate.

A business needs to be organised knowing where everything is, is important. Never try to be the sole person in charge of your business you can’t do everything yourself therefore hire people to work for you and delegate responsibilities. These tips should give you a better chance to succeed.

If all else fails there is another solution:



College SA has Small Business Management Courses that can guide you and equip you to start your own business successfully.

Good luck!

Achieving your Goals

All of us have goals in life.


Whether you have goals that are small or goals that are big, the fact remains that achieving personal goals is really important.


Some tips on how to achieve your goals:

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Tip 1: Write down every goal that you have.

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One of the steps that can lead you toward the road to success is for you to jot down every single goal you have created. Whether what you have is a short term goal or a long term goal, it is essential that you write each one down in a journal or a notebook.


Well, once you have your goals written down, you tend to become more committed to achieving personal goals that you’ve penned.


Goals you have scribbled also mean that you can check on them from time to time. Thus, it is very much unlikely for you to forget all those aims or aspirations. Of course, not forgetting a goal eventually leads to being able to achieve your goal.


Tip 2: Don’t lose sight of goals

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Always keep yourself focused and motivated – in other words, don’t lose sight of the ‘finish line’. If you don’t concentrate on reaching your aims, how can you expect to be on your way to the road to success? It is best that you check your journal from time to time, or place something on the mirror e.g. a post it, or a photo, or display something on your desk that reminds you of your aspirations; doing that will surely remind you of why achieving personal goals is important.


Tip 3: Pat yourself on the back when you’ve accomplished something.

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Making it a tradition to celebrate whatever goal you’ve accomplished is part of the strategies of how you can be successful. By knowing how important it is to pat yourself on the back or doing things to reward yourself when you deserve it, you won’t get tired of striving hard to reach goals. For instance, if you were able to cross out one or two things from your list of goals, treat yourself to a new phone, handbag or to a movie as that practice will help you look forward more to journeying on the road to success.

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True, achieving personal goals may not be as easy as some people would like to believe. By following these simple tips, though, you’re sure to find it less hard to achieve your goal.

Good luck!

Get ahead with HR Management Courses

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Human Resource Management is becoming an increasingly popular career choice. One of the reasons why HR Management is so appealing is that the skills that you learn can be applied across various industries. In other words, an HR Management qualification can open up many doors for you.

What does Human Resource Management involve?

Human Resource (HR) Management involves hiring and training employees, and making sure that staff is motivated at all times.

One of the main reasons that companies need an HR team is to ensure productivity in the workplace.

HR Managers are responsible for retaining the most capable and skilled employees, so that the company can function effectively and be profitable.

What are the duties of HR Managers?

HR Managers:

  • Delegate and monitor duties.
  • Regulate levels of productivity.
  • Co-ordinate different tasks to ensure that the end goal is achieved.
  • Analyse and implement strategies to increase the efficiency of a company or organisation.
  • Determine the overall success of a company by interpreting outputs at a basic level.

Why is HR Management a good career choice?

Businesses aim for maximum success. In order to achieve this, they rely on skilled, efficient, reliable and motivated employees. HR Managers ensure that such employees are retained.

Because the corporate world is growing at a phenomenal rate, increasingly more qualified Human Resource Managers are needed.

An HR Management course will equip you with the right set of skills to be able to help an organisation stay successful.

Having a Human Resource management qualification behind your name will make you a valuable asset for any company!

At College SA, we offer a selection of fantastic Human Resources Management Courses. These range from short courses and certificates, to diploma courses.

College SA offers the following HR Management courses:

College SA has also teamed up with Strategic Investigations and Seminars (SIS) to provide you with quality courses that tie in well with Human Resources Management.

These courses will teach you skills in negotiation and mediation – perfect for HR Management. You will also learn how to identify fraudulent documents, and learn how to handle trauma in the workplace. This is very important in the field of Human Resources.

All of our courses are offered via distance learning – which means that you can study from the safety and comfort of your own home.


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Keeping up with the Kardashians … and your studies

When it comes to the Kardashians, people either love them or hate them.

I watch every single episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. I personally think that Kris Jenner, mother of the famous Kardashian siblings, is a marketing and branding genius. She has somehow managed to make Kim and her entire family one of the biggest “brands” and names in the entertainment world. This did not happen by chance at all. This was planned, strategised, and carefully orchestrated.

I think that the Kardashian/Jenner family makes for entertaining viewing. I also love the fact that Kim Kardashian has helped the world to appreciate curvaceous women. I find her love for Kanye West very endearing, and I love the way that the Kardashians embrace and stand up for interracial relationships.

As a brand, the Kardashians are extremely successful. You can be sure that you will see at least one member of the Kardashian clan in a magazine or on TV. Even if you do not like them, they have made their mark and there is no escaping them.

It may be difficult to balance your favourite TV shows, your sports, your day job, or whatever else requires your attention, with your studies. Balance is something that I personally struggle with (not to mention my star sign is Libra!).

Just like you, I studied via distance learning. One of the hardest things about it was trying to balance everything with my studies.

Change your studying environment

Here are some tips to balance your life and your studies:

  • Make studying a habit – incorporate studying as part of your everyday routine.
  • Think about the content of your studies on a regular basis, whether it is on the train, while you are taking a walk, or while you are sitting around the breakfast table. Sometimes being away from the books can help you to really grasp important concepts.
  • Try to see your studies as a part of your life, as opposed to being a separate entity that you need to make time for.
  • Talk about the subject material. Bring it up in conversations and use it in your everyday life.
  • Change locations. Studying in the same place can get boring. If it is a sunny day, take your books to the park, the beach, or somewhere else where you can be comfortable. Don’t associate your studies with a dull and boring environment.
  • Take the things you love and tie them into your studies. For example, look at the Kardashians from a business perspective, rather than seeing them simply as a form of entertainment.
  • Give yourself a day off. Don’t try to study every single day. Make sure to take a break and relax – even if it is over a weekend.
  • Schedule your studies for a time when you are calm, have eaten, and are at your most focused.
  • Get excited about your studies. Do extra research, read books, and become engaged in the subject matter.
  • Don’t see studying as a chore, see it as an adventure.

People are recognizing that I am an entrepreneur and do more than be on a reality TV show.”

–          Kim Kardashian

Getting down to BUSINESS

Hi there Dearest Readers,

Today we have another guest writer who has kindly given us permission to use her article on our blog. What I’m going to do is to cut straight to her article, and then, after her article, I would like to share a few words on what makes this lady so very awesome ….


Getting Down to Business

If I could invent a time machine – which would be rather lucrative, but that’s a whole new topic – and travel back in time, I would choose to study a business qualification.

Everything starts and ends with business. Many people I know would love to work for themselves or to start up their own businesses. The problem, however, is that even though they may be experts in sought-after fields, many of them are missing the essential ingredients for a successful career in business: business knowledge and business skills.

The ability to understand how business works and the ability to identify the elements of a successful business will always be valuable. You will always be able to find a use for business skills, regardless of whether you decide to start up your own business or not.

Own Business

Frequently, you may hear people saying things such as, “I want to open my own business, but I don’t have the necessary admin skills,” or, “I want to open a business, but I am not good at working with figures,” or, “I wish I could open my own business, but I am not sure about the legal aspects.” Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to counteract all these obstacles and to turn dreams into reality?

I am going to let you in on a little secret that I have discovered – the people who have plenty of money are usually those who have their own businesses. Now, this might not be true for everybody, but in my experience, it certainly seems to be the case. The people who own expensive cars and mansions, and who go on regular overseas holidays, are not earning large salaries by working for employers. Instead, they are earning their money by running their own successful businesses.

So now you know why I would choose to study business if I could go back in time – to learn the things that would enable me to start up and run my own business successfully.

Own Business


However, it isn’t quite necessary to go back in time if you want to learn more about business. No matter how young or old you are, you can always study towards a business qualification via distance learning.

“If you’re thinking already, you might as well think big.” – Donald Trump





This article was written by a very special person whom we have fondly (and with her permission) nicknamed “Wednesday”.

Wednesday is one of those people that I am so glad works at the College. She is part of the reason why I can’t wait to get to the office every day.

Let me tell you a bit more about our dear Wednesday …

Wednesday is incredibly funny. Not just a lit bit funny – but extremely, side-splitting, jaw-aching funny. She’s not funny in a slapstick kind of way. No, her funny takes way more intelligence. Her humour is acerbic and sharp. Some might call it a dry sense of humour. But for me, Lauren is funny because she is so insightful and she is able to verbalise her insights with such witty acuity.

Okay, so apart from her humour, this woman is a serious little dynamo. She’s this tiny creature that packs a seriously mean punch. Not in an ugly or aggressive way. No – our Wednesday uses her words as her weapon of choice. Wednesday is THE person to hire if you need to make an angry telephone call to a company like Telkom. When Wednesday is on the phone …. well, let’s just say, she gets what she wants.

Speaking about getting what she wants …. if I had a true magic wand, I would give it to Wednesday. Wednesday deserves to get what she wants. And more.

You see, Wednesday is just all-round great. If I could fold her up and put her in pocket, I would. Wednesday makes me feel like I am super-talented and super-great person. In fact, Wednesday makes most people feel that way. She is so full of compliments and praise.

Wednesday always sees the positive in people. That is a rare gift in today’s society. Many of us are so wrapped up in our own dramas that we tend not to see the amazing people we are surrounded by.

Today, I would like to specifically point out that Wednesday is one of those amazing people.

Wednesday, you are truly awesome.

Here is a little something from me to you: