So why should you act Now?

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While you are waiting for “things to get better” you could be improving your qualifications and making things better yourself right now.

Who knows what opportunities for promotion are waiting round the corner… will you be ready for it? Or will it go to someone else?

People with better qualifications get the better opportunities, better jobs and better pay. If you start a Certificate or Short Course right now… you can be earning more by February next year.

Everybody plans to start studying in January. If you join that crowd you will be standing in line, holding on the phone, and fighting for a place with everybody else. Or you can be smarter and avoid the January delays by registering NOW.

But, of course, with distance education institutions like Unisa and College SA, you can start you studies at any time of the year. And even though it works like this, if you ask anybody at Unisa, you will find that in January they have long lines of people waiting to register! How strange, because if you go to register right now, there is no line at all…

Many qualifications have their exams in March or in May. You need to register before January to ensure you got your study materials and to ensure that you are busy studying by 5 January – if you are still planning to register for studies in January, you will not be prepared for exams in March or May. For example, if next year you want to study a Bookkeeping qualification with the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers – then you need to know that the first exams are in February 2016. And you have to register with a College for your studies, and register with the ICB for your exams before the end of December 2010. If you don’t do that, you start the year by being behind!

It is very difficult to catch up with the person who starts early! Do not let other people get a head start in front of you – make sure that you are in the very front of the queue!

Most educational institutions increase their fees at the end of every year. So if you want to avoid paying more, you must register before January 2016.

Your parents, teachers and friends won’t tell you… people are like crabs in a bucket.

If you put a lot of crabs in a bucket, one will eventually get on top of the others and start climbing out. But as soon as that happens, the other crabs will pull that crab back into the bucket. Even before it can get out, there are crabs hanging on to it, and pulling it back into the bucket.

There are two lesson in this:

  1. If people help each other they can overcome anything – so you should help others, even if you can’t see how it would benefit you directly
  2. If you expect people to help you, you are going to be disappointed. Nobody wants to see you improve your life to where you are in a better position than they are. They will pull you back as soon as you get to the top of the bucket.

So if you want to be like everybody else, and do what everybody else does, and listen to everybody else who will improve their lives “tomorrow”, then wait till January…


But if you want to move ahead at your own pace, if you want to improve your life now, and not later, then, if part of your plan is to study; you can start studying TODAY.

Take care!

A Career in Forensic Science


In South Africa, the majority of career paths in the forensic science field are associated with the South African Police Service (SAPS). If you want to pursue Forensic Science as a career, consider the following:


  • Do you have the necessary skills such as analytical skills, detail-orientated, high concentration levels?
  • Do you enjoy problem-solving or investigating?
  • Are you someone who can adapt easily?
  • Are you dedicated, a hard worker and willing to put in the effort and hours to be successful in this career?

Job Opportunities in the Field of Forensics


Forensic science includes many sub-disciplines and areas of specialisation. Examples of the various job roles that are available include:

  • Private investigator
  • Forensic pathologist (you will need to study medicine if you want to specialise in this direction)
  • Forensic accountant (you will need a qualification in accounting to pursue this career)
  • Accident scene investigator
  • Handwriting expert
  • Forensic biologist
  • Forensic anthropologist
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Criminologist

Employers of forensic scientists in South Africa

The most common employers in the field are:

  • The South African Police Service (SAPS)
  • The Department of Health
  • Government laboratories
  • Private laboratories
  • Medical and research centres


If you have any questions about Forensic Science Courses or enquiries about registering at College SA, you may call our friendly Course Experts.

They will give you advice and help you to find the right course for you.


Certificate in Cooking for Infants and Young Children

Hi there Readers,


Today I would like to tell you about College SA’s great course in Cooking for Infants and Young Children.  In just 3 – 6 months, you will learn all the essentials about feeding little humans.

Do you:

  • Have children?
  • Look after children?
  • Work in a crèche or educare centre?
  • Plan on having children?
  • Plan on becoming an au pair?
  • Plan on starting a catering business?
  • Cook for your friends and their kids?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I really recommend the College SA Certificate in Cooking for Infants and Young Children. 

Why don’t you head over to the College SA website and read more about this awesome course? CLICK HERE to go to the course page on the College SA website.


Now … what to make myself for lunch today???



Pastel V12 Certificate course with College SA

Pastel V12 is a computerised accounting software package that is a must-have for any bookkeeper or accountant.


College SA offers a 12 month Certificate course in Pastel V12. In this course, you will gain knowledge about the following:


  • Installing Sage Pastel Partner Version 12
  •  Working in the demo company
  • Creating a new company
  • Using Auto Setup
  • The Edit Menu – Customers
  • The Edit Menu – Suppliers
  • Lesson 7: The Edit Menu – Suppliers
  • Creating and editing accounts and inventory items
  • Processing
  • Second Month of Trading
  • Monthly and Occasional Processing
  • Sundry Processing


If you are thinking about going into Bookkeeping and / or Accounting as a career, OR, if you are already a Bookkeeper or Accountant, we highly recommend that you register right NOW for the College SA Certificate in Pastel V12.


CLICK HERE to go to the College SA website course page about the College SA Certificate in Pastel V12.


The College SA family is so excited to have you as one of our students soon!


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