The New Year is Upon Us

Hi there Dear Readers,

Today’s beautiful blog post has been written by a very dear colleague. This woman emanates strength, beauty, radiance and compassion. I am really grateful that she agreed to write a post for our blog. It is an absolute honour to know and to spend time with this truly awesome woman.

Here is her article …

There are so many articles out there that tell you how to change your life and ready yourself for the New Year. Then there are the almost endless inspirational quotes. I find that when I read them, I feel inspired for about an hour or so, and then I fall back into my old routine (you’ll see that I have included two quotes in this article. These are the ones that actually stuck with me). The thing is, I don’t really commit myself to changing or making my life more fulfilled. Nothing reminds me daily of the success I could reach if I just tried a bit harder. I feel the need to do so, but I don’t have the drive to follow through. I think some people just find this easier than most.

I have had some pretty hard times in my life, and this has certainly taken its toll on my confidence. People don’t need to know me well to notice this. Over the years I have slowly but surely worked on getting this confidence that people around me just seem to have. In the process I have noticed that so many people have the same problem, even if it is just momentary.

The thing that does help is to just force yourself to take control. It might not feel very good at first, but in time you get used to it and it becomes easier. It’s almost like programming yourself to think differently. By taking small steps every day, you can become that person you dream of being.

I know it sounds like one of those quotes I was talking about that belongs on a poster, but it’s not. For me it’s a daily struggle, and like anything that you work hard at, it’s worth it. No matter what your goal is, it will feel great to accomplish it. Nothing can replace that feeling for me. It’s a strong emotional response that’s almost equal to love. In this case you love yourself and you make yourself into someone you love even more.

Love the person

I recently started studying. At first this felt strange, since I had not studied in 8 years, but after a while (and some forced motivation) it got easier. I also had great help from my tutors, who keep me going no matter how I feel.

When I wanted to study it felt natural to study through College SA, since I work there, and it has been a pleasure, with their help of course.  I also feel really good whenever I finish an assignment. That great feeling fills me and inspires me to go on and do more.

I want you to take that step. Start with something small. Even if it is to drink more water every day, or something simple like that. Or do something big.  If you have a job and you feel you could be better at it if you tried harder, do it! You can’t lose anything by at least trying.

Do it today.

My message to the woman who wrote this article:

Thank you for your beautiful words. Thank you for gentleness and kindness. Thank you for how you treat those around you. Thank you for your wonderful laughter. Thank you for being YOU.