Planning is part of the fun

When I was a teenager, I remember the great amount of time and effort that went into planning my birthday parties. I planned quite a few parties, but there is one in particular that stands out to me. It was my seventeenth birthday.

Firstly, it was very important to make sure that people came – I did not want to feel humiliated and embarrassed at not having a good turnout. I also wanted to ensure that there were more males than there were females, because I wanted to show all my friends just how many good-looking males I knew.

I made a list of all my friends and acquaintances, and I phoned every person on the list. I also asked every person to bring a friend with to the party, so that there could be as many people attending as possible.

This strategy seemed to work. My party was definitely a success. There was a huge turnout, and just as I had planned, there were more males than females.

At seventeen, all I really wanted was to be acknowledged. I don’t think anybody really knew how much time and effort I put into planning that party. But to see the priceless expressions on my friends’ faces when they walked into my house, made all the hard work worthwhile.

People were talking about my party for months afterwards, and people who previously did not want to be seen with me were all of a sudden more than happy to hang out with me.

Thinking back, I find it quite sad that I had to “prove myself” to my friends. I realise now that most of those people were never real friends to begin with. But then again, these lessons are all a part of growing up.

Despite my naive teenage mindset, and although I had the wrong motives for throwing the party, I can completely understand the enjoyment that people get out of arranging events for a living. When you get to witness the pleasure that others get out of your hard work, it really is rewarding!

If, like me, you enjoy organising events, it could be worth your while to study an events planning course. You never know how successful your events may be!

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