FET Courses

Have you always wanted to further your education? We can help … 

If you have read through some of our previous blog posts you will already know, we are no ordinary College.

The staff here at College SA, even the ones who never deal directly with students, are totally invested in helping the people of our country further their education. We try and make sure each student who comes to us with a question, gets an answer, and more importantly – gets the chance to study the course they have always wanted to study.

Further Education and Training (FET) colleges are able to offer a wide range of courses to suit the needs of our students.

Are you interested in Sports and Fitness?

We have those courses..

What about Management or Accounting Courses?

We have those too…

Childcare, Writing Courses even interior design

Don’t believe it?  Head over to the College SA website to have a look through our list of FET Courses, and find the one which is right for you.

FET Courses at College SA

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