Unlocking your Potential

“You have to believe in yourself and what you’re doing.

You have to see yourself doing it with your mind’s eye.

If you can’t imagine it, you probably can’t achieve it.”

~John Maxwell

So your dream has been planted in your heart and you have an incredible vision to look forward to. In addition, it is also now the time to set things in the right order to start working on your canvas.

It is the time to do some major life changing improvements for discovering the gifts and talents that are hidden inside of you. This is your season to bring them to life to complete your dream.


Bear in mind that they will not all come at once but you will unlock them as you walk your journey of completing your dream. Through each phase of this awesome journey you will learn to kindle and re-kindle the gems hidden inside of you.

Most importantly, there must be a desire to unlock them and to experience them. Desiring them will unlock them and you will fall in love with them. You must also be willing to embrace them for the season that you will use them. They will grow on you so that others can also be inspired by them.

Just open your heart and mind to a beautiful journey of discovery. Along the road it may seem strange and weird to you, but eventually, upon completion, it will all make sense. Every piece of your canvas will be fully painted with all the majestic treasures inside of you.

Believe me when I say that you will stand in awe at the end of the journey of completion. You will look back and be proud of your process of transformation. It is what is inside of you that will take you to the road less travelled.


Action plan required TODAY:

  • Discover your passions and talents
  • Choose a career that is suitable for you
  • Capture a vision
  • Create a plan
  • Set goals
  • Break down the process so your dream is achievable
  • Stay motivated, inspired, and focused

Have a Great week!

College SA

Things that can make you happy


There are many things that make people happy; so many people say there are big secrets to be happy.

images (4)


Now instead of giving you some big secret to live a happy life I have something simpler; some little things that can make you happy daily.

images (6)


Focus on these little things you do daily

1. Waking up, fully rested. Isn’t that feeling of waking up perfectly rested just amazing and doesn’t that make you happy?

2. Having a good appearance; looking good for the day, that’s very cool.

3. A good breakfast.

4. Finding money you didn’t know you had. Rich or poor this is a great feeling.

images (8)

5. Hearing your favourite song. Music changes your mood.

6. Enjoy the weather –  cold or warm!

7. Getting  work done, because you are just so productive and in a very determined.

8. Your 8 hour work day was so productive it just flies by.

images (3)9. Getting to leave work earlier.

10. When you get home, kicking off your shoes.

11. Watching your favourite movie or series

12. Having a good healthy supper that you enjoy

images (10)

13. Having a nice shower or  a long bubble bath.

14. Getting ready for bed feeling content and accomplished for all the tasks of the day.

15. Smiling when you drift off to dreamland

Sure we don’t always have great days,  however we should try to enjoy these little things that we experience daily.

Change your mindset!

images (5)

Happiness is a choice and you can live happily!



It’s an HONOUR

Hi there,


I am a really lucky / blessed person. Every day, I get to come to work (College SA) and share an office space with some really amazing people – my colleagues.


My colleagues


In our Department, we have all sorts of interesting personalities:


  • We have a shy, SMART, independent SUPER BABE that also happens to have the KINDEST HEART, especially in terms of rescuing and looking after stray and vulnerable animals;
  • We have a soft-spoken, soccer-loving, MAN-HUNK, ‘techie’ GENIUS that just gets everything done, perfectly, every time;
  • We have our very own MR COOL – suave, SEXY, funny and all-round ADORABLE in an ‘adopt-me-and-take-me-home’ kind of way;
  • We have a MATURE, wise, CONSIDERATE, creative, STYLISH, well-informed, hot-bodied, BEST AFTERSHAVE, human-rights watchdog who has the most PROFOUND eyes I have ever seen;
  • We have a thoughtful, WISE, considerate, observant, REALLY FUNNY, intelligent and HIGHLY COMMUNICATIVE yet hearing-impaired IT-Pro that can answer absolutely any IT-question that you throw at him;
  • We have a funny, HELPFUL, meticulous, street-smart, world-wise, sometimes STRICT, NO-EXCUSES, mother-of-three, who is the ‘keeper-of-all-the-knowledge’ and general CAPTAIN of the Department;
  • We have an unusually HANDSOME (yet super ‘vampire’ pale) WITTY, erudite gaming ‘geek’ that makes ‘geek’ look unbelievably COOL and HOT – he has basically revolutionised the ‘face’ of cool.


My colleagues


They are all charming and funny. They make me smile every day. They come up with the funniest jokes. They are so helpful and kind. Each one of them makes my work day so much better.


I am honoured to have them in my life. Each one of them.


They are my colleagues. My ‘peeps’.

My people


You are awesome – thank you for everything. You make College SA an even BETTER place.

LEADERS on Hello Peter

In this day and age, how can we know if a company is truly living up to their name?

Hello Peter, a well-known online customer service site, has become one of the most popular domains on the internet where consumers can compliment or complain about a company.

People often use this site to determine the quality of a company, or the services that they render. For instance, I’m sure that you will be wary of a company if they receive more complaints than compliments.

It is for this reason that we are proud to give you the following statistics taken from Hello Peter.

Did you know that College SA is one of the world’s most complimented companies, across ALL industries?

According to Hello Peter, College SA is currently in the top 20 of the most complimented companies IN THE WORLD! What’s more, this ranking is not only within the education sector, but across ALL industries!

Considering how many companies exist across all sectors throughout the world, this is a GREAT accomplishment for our College.

College SA also has the highest compliments ratio and the lowest complaints ratio within the education sector.

Hello Peter reveals that, within the education industry, College SA has the best compliments to complaints ratio. This means that, out of all the feedback received about College SA on Hello Peter, our compliments far exceed the complaints.

The ratio of compliments to complaints is a very good indication of a company’s success. It does not help that a company receives many compliments, if they receive just as many complaints!

College SA is thus VERY proud to have the best compliments to complaints ratio in the education industry.

So, to sum up the above information…

College SA, according to Hello Peter:

  • Is in the top 20 of the most complimented companies in the world (across ALL industries)
  • Has the best compliments to complaints ratio (in the education sector)

These statistics provide us with great reassurance that we, at College SA, are keeping our students happy – which is, and will always be, our number one priority!

Now when you tell your friends and family that you are studying through a quality distance learning college, you can use these statistics to prove it!

Thank you for all the compliments thus far – we promise to keep on delivering exceptional service!

Not yet a student of College SA? Contact us now, and let us help you turn your dreams into a reality.

Mandela Day

Today we celebrate the birthday of a very inspirational leader – Mr Nelson Mandela. I’m sure he needs no introduction!

Sadly, this year marks the first year that he is no longer with us for his birthday. But this does not mean that we can’t keep his legacy alive!

Mandela spent most of his life fighting the injustices in South Africa. He believed in an equal South Africa, and he fought until he got just that! We can only imagine what kind of country we would be living in, had it not been for this wonderful and brave man. Thanks to him, we are all seen as equal, and we are all given equal opportunities.

On this Mandela Day, show your gratitude towards this remarkable man by spending just 67 minutes of your time helping others. Not all of us have money to give out, but we can all give of our time!

This idea was inspired by Madiba himself, when at his 90th birthday celebration, he said, “It is time for new hands to lift the burdens. It is in your hands now”. Madiba has achieved so much for our country, and he deserves to finally rest in peace. Now he is leaving the responsibility with us.

“Mr Mandela has spent 67 years making the world a better place. We’re asking you for 67 minutes.”

Whether you spend this time helping out at an old age home, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or simply reading stories to sickly children in hospitals, you can make a positive difference to people’s lives. Although this may seem like small gestures, if everyone can at least do something small – together, we have the power to change the world!

College SA has the greatest respect for Mr Mandela. Just like him, we believe that everyone should have equal opportunities, and we believe in the power of education – which is why we provide quality, affordable study programmes to people from all walks of life. Everybody should have the opportunity to further their education!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

At College SA, we are showing our gratitude towards this extraordinary man, and leaving his legacy behind, by donating food and clothing to the less fortunate. What are you doing this Mandela Day? Let us know in the comment box below.

Happiness Doesn’t Cost a Thing

happiness doesn't cost a thing 

After watching his dog being run over by a car, he moved over to the side of the road, keeping his dog in his arms and crying. Before the dog died, he licked the tears off his owner’s face.

After reading this short, touching story, I reflected on how so many people pay more attention to their material possessions, rather than taking care of their children and animals. There are people out there who pay R80 every week to keep their cars clean, but won’t consider taking their pets to the parlour, or to the vet for a regular check-up. This is a sad reality.

This makes me ask the question – what does happiness mean to you? Or rather, let me ask this: What is the use of having everything, or acquiring knowledge through studying, if you cannot share it with the people you love?

Some people are so poor, all they have is money

Yes, I understand that material things allow us to enjoy our lives, and make things a lot easier in our daily routines. I must admit, I love being able to pop a switch and have my coffee ready in minutes, or having my laptop available at any time. But what we do not realise is that most of us are guilty of focusing on the wrong things.

Material possessions cannot buy us true happiness. We might be happy with them for a little while, but that happiness gets replaced with something more ‘flashy’ and valuable to show off to the world. We need to remind ourselves that while we are chasing these material things, we are bringing financial gain to companies – not happiness to ourselves.

No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

A good way to start shifting your focus is by making a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life. Read over them every now and again, and give thanks for them.  As good as it is to have wealth and knowledge, the true joy of life is being able to share it.

If you are able to smile, laugh, make other people happy, walk an extra mile for people, and take responsibility, then you will leave behind a legacy that you can be proud of, and people will remain thankful and grateful for having met you.