Taking a look at 2014

Hi there Dear Readers,

I hope that you are doing well.

Today I am pleased to announce that today’s article has been written by one of our fabulous guest writers. He has written a beautiful article. May his gentle words touch you and encourage you.

This past weekend I found myself thinking about the upcoming New Year and what it means to me in my life.

For most people, a new year comes with new commitments and new responsibilities. New Year’s resolutions and promises to themselves.

For others it signals the need for some time spent alone, to reflect and take stock of the past year and the position they find themselves in.

For me personally the new year period is a time of both celebration and mourning. A time where I can collect my various pieces and begin the year on my terms. The exciting prospect of new possibilities and the gentle calmness which comes from knowing I am exactly where I need to be – despite the difficulties I have faced.

New Year

Why am I writing all this down? I simply wanted to remind our readers that despite all the chaos and obligation which comes with the change of year, there is a still one constant:

You made it to another year!

Change is inevitable. It is literally the one scientific constant in this world. With that in mind I will make a collection of promises to myself for this coming year:

  • I will try my best to focus on all the positive aspects of my life and practice gratitude for all I have in this world.
  • I will spend some time acknowledging the disappointments and losses of the past year only long enough to prevent them for interfering with my ability to be grateful.
  • I will write down the things I want for myself in 2014 and will work towards them in whichever way is possible for me – as long as it is in an encouraging way.

I hope while reading this you are able to get a sense of my gentle tone here. The world spends enough time telling us we are not good enough; let’s not add to the noise.

Instead, let’s try and focus on the things we have control over – ourselves.

This new year spend a little time redesigning your life and finding ways to get what you want from 2014.

From myself and everyone here at College SA, we wish you a beautiful New Year!

Take care.

I would like to thank our guest writer for his beautiful words. His contributions to this Blog are always highly appreciated.

To end off, I just want to leave you with one thought:

“The truth is that I’ve spent all my life with my binoculars trained on the Maybe Islands, a pristine place of fantasy that is really no better than the razor-rocks of misery. Maybe if I had stayed on the farm… maybe if I could have lived more peaceably… maybe if I’d met the right person years ago, maybe if I hadn’t done this, or that or, its cousin, the other. Maybe, baby, the promised land was there and I missed it. Look at it glittering in the light. But the truth is I am inventing the maybe. I can only make the choices I make, so why torture myself with what I might have done, when all I can handle is what I have done. The Maybe Islands are hostile to human life.”
― Jeanette Winterson, The Stone Gods