Struck out?

Hi there Dear Readers,

How are you doing?

Let me ask you a question … do you have anything that is upsetting you today? As in, is there anything that is irritating you? Is there anything you want to complain about?

I’m serious. Let’s not pretend that we don’t get irritated. It’s okay to feel exasperated sometimes. For example, today I am irritated that I simply do not have enough time to do everything that I need to do. I’m desperately trying to get to a specific shop so that I can buy a special present for somebody special. I’m struggling with time. And I know that it’s a bit silly to be irritated WITH time, but that’s just how I’m feeling. (And of course my feelings are valid).

But back to this issue of not being happy with a situation. In fact, sometimes we are so unhappy with a situation that we may even feel the need to protest or to go on strike.



At the moment, there is quite a big strike happening with many of the South African Postal Services employees. I’m not sure about the actual details, but what is important is that these employees are clearly protesting about or against something. I’m glad that we live in a society where it is mainly OK to express when you are unhappy with a situation.

The strike is quite obviously affecting service delivery. In other words, packages and parcels are probably being delivered late or not at all.



Luckily, at College SA, our students do not get their study material in the post. We courier absolutely everything to our students. That’s right – we know that our students are VIPs, so we do our best to treat our students like VIPs. And that means delivering their study material to their door – wherever that door is!



Just kidding – SHE won’t be delivering your study material. But, one of our friendly Courier Agents will make sure that your study material gets to you

So, our students do not have to worry that they will be delayed. It’s business as usual for our students. Our courier companies will still be delivering your study material to you.


Study material delivered to your door from College SA!


Before I say goodbye, I just want to end this article by saying a big thank you to all our fantastic College SA students that took part in our most recent survey. Thank you for your feedback – it’s great to know that we can rely on your valued feedback.

That’s almost it from me for today. Please take care of yourselves.

Chat soon,







A positive outlook

Hello dear readers.

Today’s post was written by one of our veteran staff members. In this post she gives us a little reminder of the importance of staying positive.

No, life isn’t fair, and no matter how good a person you are, life will deal your hand from the bottom of the deck at some stage. It happens to all of us – and what is the reason for it?

Karma? Such is life? I’m just one unlucky person?

Life is tough, and the only way to survive is to find a way to bounce back. When things go wrong, we tend to get a negative outlook on life and sometimes we just give up. This is the biggest mistake you can make.

You need to change the way you look at things and remember that negative thoughts and attitudes won’t change anything. By dealing with your problems in a positive way, you will be able solve almost every single one of them.

Evaluate your situation, really think about it, and find something positive in the negative.Negativity not only halts your growth but also destroys you. 

Trust me when I say that by changing simple things in your own personal life, you will be able to face your problems head on and live a simpler, easier and happier life.

But where to start?


Change your outlook on life. Search for the good in the bad, no matter how extreme the bad is. Trust me when I say there is beauty in literally everything, and that things happen for a reason (sometimes we just need to look at the bigger picture to understand). It’s just a matter of changing your perspective.

Move on

Leave the bad stuff where it should be – in the past. If something didn’t go the way it was supposed to, go back to the drawing board, point out the flaws, and go for plan B.

Use kind words

Use your words wisely. Your words not only affect the people around you but also yourself. If something didn’t go as planned, blaming it on someone else and breaking them down (or breaking yourself down) won’t solve anything. Speak words of kindness, love, beauty and happiness.

Hang in there

Don’t give up. Life wouldn’t deal you a set of cards that you wouldn’t be able to play. Hang in there – this too shall pass.

And most importantly…don’t forget to LAUGH OUT LOUD every now and then!

College SA cares about your happiness

Don’t get mad, get Creative…

Thank you for your inspirational words.

Take care and bye for now.

Helping Our Students with Financial Aid

Hi there Dear Readers,


I just saw the number of student bursaries we gave out in the final quarter of 2013! When I see these numbers, I feel truly blessed. I feel so lucky to work as part of a College where we care enough to keep on finding new ways to help students.


College SA is really the College that really goes the extra mile in helping our students.

No, we did not register a lot of students “for free”. We cannot afford to give away our courses for free. And we have proven that students who get their studies “for free”, are usually NOT successful with their studies. The reasons for this, I think, we can discuss another time!


At College SA, we know that studying changes people’s lives. We know that our students want to study because they want to change their lives.


College SA is a private FET College

We believe in helping people who help themselves. In the last quarter of 2013 we awarded over R2 000 000 to students who wanted to study, and who wanted to pay for their studies, but who needed some financial assistance to help them get started. On average students who received financial assistance (Partial Bursaries) received around R500 to help them get their studies started.


It is just amazing to see how many people want to study and want to pay for their studies, but who just need a little financial assistance to get started. In a country with over 40% unemployment, and going into our sixth year of recession, it just feels amazing to see how we can still help each other.


These Partial Bursaries covered a portion of the students’ Registration Fee or a portion of the students’ first payment to the College. We know that without these Partial Bursaries, these students would not have been able to register with us.


We want to welcome all our new students to the College. We know that you will make the most of your opportunity to change your life.


College SA – your helping hand and partner in making your educational dreams come true.

 Encouraging words


Great Expectations

Hi there Dear Readers,

Today’s blog article is going to be about expectations. More specifically, what do YOU expect from a College?


What do you expect from a College?



Most of us cynics believe that all expectations lead to disappointment. You’ve surely heard of the expression ‘hope for the best, but expect the worst‘? It is somehow true that we expect to be disappointed. Let’s take an example …

You need to go to the Post Office to go and collect a parcel from your darling Granny who lives in a far, far away place. When you think about having to go to the Post Office, do you expect:

A: That it will take you less than 1 minute to find parking and then collect your parcel, OR

B: That it will take you quite a bit of time standing in a very slow-moving queue before you can collect your parcel?


Here’s another example …

Your telephone at home has stopped working. You have to contact Telkom to report a fault with your telephone. Do you expect:


A: That your call to them (on your cellphone) will be answered quickly and that the problem with your telephone will be fixed within five minutes, OR

B: That you will be put on hold for at least 15 minutes before you get through to an operator, and then, it will take about a week for somebody to come out and fix the problem with your telephone?


Chances are very high that you answered ‘B‘ to both examples. Why? Because we expect to be disappointed.





Can you think of any examples in which you were pleasantly surprised because you expected to be disappointed, yet, for some strange reason, you were not disappointed with a company’s service?

Can you think of at least three examples in which you were totally thrilled with service you received?


By the way, you might enjoy going to the Hello Peter website (a South African consumer portal in which people can complain or compliment companies).  It’s quite soul-destroying to see just how much bad service is out there.


But, what if you had to have really positive expectations about customer service? Imagine if you believed without a doubt that you would receive brilliant and painless service from a company. Just for a second, contemplate what it would feel like to deal with a company that gave you absolutely no troubles at all.



Brilliant Service



Let’s take a very specific example – a College. What would be the things that make a College brilliant to deal with?

How about:

  • Very fast, paperless registration process that can be done on the telephone;
  • All your study material is couriered to you AT NO EXTRA cost;
  • Having your first set of study material will be sent you on the SAME DAY that you register – you will be studying in 3 to 5 working days;
  • Being within THE FIRST WEEK that you are registered – just to see how you are doing;
  • Being able to get hold of on-site and full-time lecturers;
  • Never dealing with a Call Centre – being given your very own Tutor to help you with everything and anything;
  • Being contacted frequently to see how you are doing and if you need any help because we want you to succeed and finish your studies;
  • Help with working out a study schedule to help you balance your studies with the rest of your life;
  • Study material that is easy to understand;
  • A wide variety of types of courses to choose from (Certificates, Diplomas etc);
  • Friendly staff that always put you first


Does this sound possible? Does this sound realistic?

Guess what? It’s all true with College SA

College SA – beating your expectations every step of the way. 


That’s a wrap!







Distance Learning – College SA Study Material will HELP you all the way

At College SA you will study via Distance Learning (also known as Home Study or Correspondence Study).


In an earlier article we spoke a bit about what distance learning is and how it works. To put it simply, distance learning means that you study a course without needing to go to a classroom. You study at your own pace in a place that suits youit could even be your bedroom!


Because you don’t ever have to go to a classroom, that also means that you won’t be sitting in front of a teacher or a lecturer. But don’t worry – College SA has made sure that you will still have a great teacher:



Did you know that the College SA Study Material:


  • Is easy to understand and to follow
  • Is interesting to read
  • Is full of examples, diagrammes and case studies
  • Has lots of really useful explanations and definitions, and
  • Provides you with lots of opportunities to practice and test your new skills and knowledge.


Did you also know that you get ALL your Study Material sent to you via COURIER for FREE?


College SA – we really will help you every step of the way.


Call us today on our Toll Free Number: 0800 21 23 22