Liberate Yourself

Be Free


Our Deputy President, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa made a speech at a youth dialogue that was hosted by the South African Youth Council. Mr Ramaphosa made some really interesting comments in his speech:


  • Young people need to be educated and that they must be innovative in order to achieve economic freedom in their lifetime.


  • It is up to young people  to take up all the opportunities in education and in business that are available to them.


You should seek economic freedom in your lifetime … Seek those opportunities so that you can be empowered.

We want people to be their own liberators.


These are some really powerful words. Really powerful.


He also said that young people should prioritise education as education is the only way to liberate themselves from the social ills of poverty, unemployment and inequality.


In South Africa, words such as ‘freedom’ and ‘liberation’ mean all sorts of things. We have a history full of amazing stories of fighting for freedom. We have so many heroes who died in the pursuit of freedom. In South Africa, we cannot take freedom for granted.


I think that most of us want to be ‘free’ – and, for most of us, we understand ‘freedom’ differently.

Are you free?


What does freedom mean to you?

Do you know what you need to do to become more free?

What have you done to liberate yourself?



I would not be working at College SA if I did not believe and know that education is essential to becoming more free. Education is NOT only for clever and rich people. Education is not just a nice-to-have. Education is a MUST HAVE.


At College SA we believe in giving people second / third / fourth chances at education. We believe in offering a variety of courses that will make a real difference in a person’s life.  We believe in guaranteeing our Students that we will support them every step of the way with their studies.


At College SA we want to help you with your educational dreams.

But … and this is very important, YOU must have a DREAM. YOU must have GOALS.

YOU must want to be FREE.



Do you want to be free? What does freedom mean to you? Have you done even just 1 thing today that shows, without a doubt, that you want to be free?


Be Free


What is is interesting is that freedom can be scary. Because, being free means you have responsibilities. It means that you are in charge of making decisions for yourself and for your life. Being free often means that you must be a warrior in your own life. It is not always easy being free.


But, being free is what we should all aim for.

Our hero

Be brae


Social media detox

“Distracted from distraction by distraction” T.S. Eliot

Living in the era of technology and the social media craze makes it difficult to see things clearly, and to get the right perspective on your own life. We see ourselves through the lens of society, and we constantly strive to deliver what we think people expect of us.

I am one who is guilty of this. My mind was so clouded that I decided to go on a social media diet. Initially, it was supposed to last a week… but temptation came and triumphed! So my diet only lasted four days. Nevertheless, I experienced something totally noteworthy.

This is what my social media diet entailed:

Instead of checking my Facebook account before I went to bed, I read a book. Instead of following someone on Twitter, I listened to music while cooking myself a proper meal. Instead of browsing through photos on Pinterest or Instagram, I actually sat outside and drank a cup of tea.

This was when I realised that I felt less anxious and worried. I did not feel that I have to live up to anyone’s expectations at that moment in time. I could just be me, and let my mind wander. My thoughts were less cluttered. The sense of urgency to get back inside and read status updates about how someone else was feeling or what they were eating was gone.

I sipped my warm lemon tea, felt the crisp air on my face, and for the first time in weeks, I heard the birds sing. This is not because birds were not singing before – I just did not hear them, as I was always so preoccupied!

Now this break from social media is becoming a metaphor about life – or life as we experience it in a technology-driven day. Does it not make you think of how many beautiful and interesting people, scenarios, or opportunities just pass us by because our attention is focused on things that REALLY do not matter at all?

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media and always will. It has a lot of positive aspects and inspirational stories. But I realised that there is a time and place for everything. You won’t go to work in your pyjamas, take vodka to an AA meeting, or buy a stuffed toy for a guy that turns 40 (well, probably not!).

No, that is why I will stop tweeting during conversations, or logging in to Facebook as soon as I wake up. Instead, I will actively decide to live in the moment that has been given to me, and completely absorb that given moment in time.

If you dare, try the social media diet. Even if it also just lasts a couple of days. Your eyes will be opened to so much more, and you will actually have time to do the things that you always felt you did not have the time for, such as taking up a course, perhaps.

I am back online, but I am back with a new perspective. I will even go as far as saying that I have a new outlook on life.

We do not need to conform – we can liberate ourselves. Be original, be yourself, and be free!