Celebrating 2 Years of Marketing Management Magnificence

Today I am feeling very nostalgic and proud. Two years ago a remarkable person took over from me as the College’s Marketing Manager. Today we honour Sanet Nel on her two-year anniversary at College SA.

Who is this woman who has achieved literal miracles in the College SA Marketing Department?

A feisty Aries, the eldest child of four girls, naturally gifted, determined, tenacious, confident, ethical, hard-working, passionate … those are just some of the ways we could describe Sanet Nel. From high school Head Girl, to an au pair in Holland, to a passionate teacher, to a brilliant translator at Parliament – Sanet Nel  now calls the College SA Marketing Department her home.

And for that we are all so grateful.

Sanet took over from me at a time when the Marketing Department consisted of just four people. I believe the Marketing Department now has an empire of close to 20 people (and growing)!!

Within the Marketing Department there are subdivisions consisting of the IT team [design and programming], the Social Media team, the SEO team, the Online Advertising team (PPC), the Maintenance team.

Sanet is an inspiration to all those who come into contact with her. She exudes palpable passion for the College and for everything that she does at the College.

Her smile is infectious and her team thrive in the warm environment that Sanet has created for them.

Sanet is a true believer in that everybody has got strengths and that everybody can improve on those strengths. She encourages her staff members to study further, to find new abilities and to make the most of their strengths.

A self-confirmed workaholic, Sanet has contributed so much to the department that there wouldn’t be a blog post long enough to cover all her accomplishments.

At the time of handing over my position to Sanet I was very sad as it felt as if I was saying goodbye to something very close to my heart. I soon discovered that Sanet took my fledgling department and converted it into the most dynamic and astoundingly driven team of people possible.

I handed over a grain of sand, and Sanet has converted it into the most magnificent stained glass wonder (metaphorically speaking).

stained glass 1 stained glass 2

I gave you a seed, and now you dance in a field of tulips.

tulips 2

Well done Sanet, you have inscribed yourself upon us all in so many ways.

That’s all folks.