Matric Results are in …

I want us to think about how it makes a person feel when they find out that they have failed Matric.


Finding out that you have failed Matric must be one of the worst kinds of bad news to get.

Failing matric

It is incredibly tragic that some kids even resort to committing suicide when they find out that they have failed Matric.


I am not going to deny that getting a Matric is important. However, we need to be real about the fact that most people in this country do NOT have a Matric. And, there are still options available for people who failed Matric, or who never got a Matric.


I want to say that again – there ARE options for people who do not have a Matric.

If you did not get a Matric, please do not feel that your life is over. That is not true.

If you, or somebody you know somebody failed their Matric / didn’t get a Matric, please read and share the information on these College SA web pages with them:


  • For people who are older than 23, and who never completed Matric, CLICK HERE


  • For people who were in Matric in the last 2 years, but did not complete Matric, CLICK HERE


  • For people who did pass Matric, but they would like better marks, CLICK HERE


  • For people who recently left school and did not complete Matric, CLICK HERE


  • For people who left school a long time ago and who never completed Matric, CLICK HERE


No matter what your Matric results are like, please don’t feel shy to chat to us about what you would like to study. At College SA, we want everybody to be able to improve their lives. If you would like more information about what your study options are [even if you don’t have a Matric], then please contact our Student Registration Department. Our kind and caring Student Registrars will be able to answer all of your questions.



Take care of yourselves.

The 2013 Matric Results

Hi there Dear Readers,


How are you doing? In today’s blog post, I would like to give you a link to a very interesting article about the 2013 Matric Results.


Matric Results


Please CLICK HERE to go to the article about the 2013 Matric Results.


This is quite a serious article that gets us to think about some really important issues surrounding Matric results.


  • Can people who passed Matric expect to find a job?
  • How successful, really, is the South African education system?
  • Are there enough jobs to accommodate students who have just completed Matric?
  • Do employers have confidence in the value of a Matric certificate?
  • What does a Matric certificate mean in terms of wanting to go to University?
  • How are the Matric exams marked and moderated?


The value of matric results


Please do read this article. And feel free to send me your comments.


Please CLICK HERE to go to the article about the 2013 Matric Results.


That’s all for today,

Chat soon.