First of all, let me personally congratulate you on making it this far! Matric isn’t everything, it’s important to remember that. You’ve made it through (at least) twelve years of successful schooling to ultimately be here.

According to the South African Department of Education (in a press statement that can be found here), almost half of students who enrol for grade 2 fail to make it to their grade 12 examinations. Thus you’ve surpassed almost half of all learners by simply making it to your matric examinations!


As someone who has recently been disappointed by their matric results you need to start considering your options for 2016. Thus along with this blog post from 2015, you have these three main options to consider:

  • Retake the grade 12 examination

You should first consider enrolling for the supplementary examinations which will take place early during 2016. If you feel that you will be well-enough prepared by then, you should definitely enrol for these exams, as it will mean that you receive your matric certificate earlier than all the other options. You will find more information about the supplementary examinations on the Department of Education’s website. Alternatively you can enrol at your local high school for the whole year. This will give you the opportunity to do a more in-depth study of your subjects, while also being thoroughly prepared for the examination in November. You can also enrol at a post-matric school/college that will allow you to do your studies part time, making time for a part-time job and other activities.

  • Enter the job market

If re-enrolling for matric is not an option for you and you want to get started on your career, then this is a great alternative. Because you have no matric certificate or tertiary education, you’re almost guaranteed to start at the bottom in whatever career you wish to pursue. But with hard work and perseverance, you can reach the top too. While it might take you longer to get to the position you want than someone with a tertiary education, you won’t be spending all your time at school and will rather be building up a technical background and sufficient experience.

  • Further your education

Now, let me tell you, contrary to what your parents, your educators, your friends might have been telling you throughout your life: YOU DO NOT NEED MATRIC TO FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION. Institutions, such as College SA, makes it easy for someone without matric to become qualified. These institutions believe that everyone should be given a second chance when it comes to improving themselves and building towards a successful future. This is why so many of their courses are readily available no matter what your skill level or qualification. Some are available as full-time studying courses. Others are available as distance learning courses, where you can study from home, or while you have a full-time career.

I hope that, after reading these options, you do realise that this one failure does not define you. Perseverance is what will ultimately make you as a person and set you on the right track.

No matter which direction you choose to pursue throughout 2016, I am sure that you will succeed in everything you set your mind to.


Matric Results are in …

I want us to think about how it makes a person feel when they find out that they have failed Matric.


Finding out that you have failed Matric must be one of the worst kinds of bad news to get.

Failing matric

It is incredibly tragic that some kids even resort to committing suicide when they find out that they have failed Matric.


I am not going to deny that getting a Matric is important. However, we need to be real about the fact that most people in this country do NOT have a Matric. And, there are still options available for people who failed Matric, or who never got a Matric.


I want to say that again – there ARE options for people who do not have a Matric.

If you did not get a Matric, please do not feel that your life is over. That is not true.

If you, or somebody you know somebody failed their Matric / didn’t get a Matric, please read and share the information on these College SA web pages with them:


  • For people who are older than 23, and who never completed Matric, CLICK HERE


  • For people who were in Matric in the last 2 years, but did not complete Matric, CLICK HERE


  • For people who did pass Matric, but they would like better marks, CLICK HERE


  • For people who recently left school and did not complete Matric, CLICK HERE


  • For people who left school a long time ago and who never completed Matric, CLICK HERE


No matter what your Matric results are like, please don’t feel shy to chat to us about what you would like to study. At College SA, we want everybody to be able to improve their lives. If you would like more information about what your study options are [even if you don’t have a Matric], then please contact our Student Registration Department. Our kind and caring Student Registrars will be able to answer all of your questions.



Take care of yourselves.

If at first you don’t succeed

If at first you don’t succeed…

When I first visited the College SA website, and found out that I could enrol for a course even if I did not have Matric, I was surprised. My past experiences have taught me that the world does not have patience with those who don’t get it right the first time. With actors, actresses, singers, sports stars and successful business owners now becoming famous at younger ages, people are starting to expect instant success. This makes it tough for those who take a little longer to find their feet.

However, there are still those who believe that the key to success is not to look at your failures, and not to disqualify yourself from the race to success.

I have been inspired by stories of famous people who kept on trying in spite of the fact that the odds were against them:


  • J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter manuscript was rejected by twelve publishers before she got her big break!
  • Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC, tried to sell his (now famous) chicken recipe and was turned down 1009 times before he got a yes!
  • Albert Einstein only started speaking at the age of four, while most children start talking at around the age of one. He only started to read at the age of eleven. We now know him as the Nobel Prize-winning master of physics.
  • Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and failed at his first attempt at business – his first company, Traf-O-Data, took a nose dive. He then started Microsoft and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.
  • F. W. Woolworth started off by working at a dried goods store where he was never allowed to wait on customers, because his employer did not think that he had enough sense to do so. Today, anyone who has been to Woolworths knows that there is plenty of sense in his business strategy and customer care.
  • The Beatles were rejected numerous times by record labels, but they kept knocking on doors. Knowing what we know now, it is hard to believe that anyone ever turned down such great music.
  • Walt Disney (now worth billions due to movies, theme parks and Disney products) was fired from a newspaper for “lack of imagination”.



So, if you have been out of school for a while, and have resigned yourself to a life of cheering for others, you should know that it’s never too late to step up to the challenge and to pursue your dreams.  Some say if you can dream it, you can achieve it, but I think that sometimes just pressing on and putting one foot in front of the other will get you to places that you could never even dream of.


New beginning


Don’t let your circumstances get in the way of your dreams – I think that if you want something badly enough, and you are willing to take the first step, the rest will follow.





“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all—in which case, you fail by default”

J.K Rowling