Beyond Excited …

You know that feeling when you are so excited …. you can’t sleep / you giggle uncontrollably / you have butterflies in your tummy?


Well that’s how we are all feeling at College SA … BEYOND EXCITED!!!


College SA is Excited



I’ve known about this for a while, but I didn’t want to say anything until the moment is right …. but now I’m going to share the news with you. I hope you are sitting down …..


The good news


This week, at College SA, we are starting to introduce (FREE) Online Classrooms to our amazing students!!!!


We are going to start off by offering these Facilitator-led online classrooms to all our CIMA students, and soon, all of our Students will have access to this great study benefit.

Exciting things happening at College SA

What is an online classroom?

An online classroom is a place where our (Home Study) students can interact with each other, with a Facilitator, and with their Lecturers – no matter where in the world everybody lives.


It is a digital classroom. In other words, a classroom without walls or any borders. All you need is a cellphone or a computer.


Online classroom


In these online classrooms, Students will be able to share their learning experiences with each other. The Facilitators will encourage and guide relevant discussions and debates.

Our Students will be able to really engage with their study material with the help of their fellow students.


You can be absolutely anywhere – even on the beach – and you can be part of the great learning experiences of an online classroom.

study anywhere

It’s a brilliant form of learning – collaborating and discussing. An online classroom makes sure that Students stay focussed, stay in touch, and that they are constantly engaging with their studies and their assignments.


An online classroom allows Students to make contact with other students – just like in a chatroom.


When you are part of an online classroom, you get to hear about the real-life experiences of your fellow students. Our Facilitators will encourage our Students to share their understanding and their exploration of the different topics that are being covered.


What is also fantastic is that the online classroom will be a place where Students can share resources, tips, techniques, guides and helpful information.

Each subject will have its own online classroom group.


The Facilitator and Lecturers will get our Students to take part in fun activities and useful assignments – and Students will be able to compare results and to discuss things with their fellow learners.


An online classroom is a fun, social and interactive way to get even MORE out of your studies. An online classroom means that our Students will be more much ACTIVE as they acquire new knowledge, and as they expand and refine their understanding of their learning outcomes.


College SA has always been proud of being a Distance Learning College – our Students come from everywhere and anywhere. And now, College SA is pioneering the way in improving how Distance Learning works.


Many Students say that they are scared to study alone – now, with our online classrooms, our Students won’t have to worry about that at all!


We think that this is absolutely amazing – and we could not have done this without our friends and partners, Together We Pass.


So … watch this space as we keep you posted about our online classrooms.


Sometimes life is just so exciting – and I am honoured to be part of this education revolution. 

Life is exciting