Journalism has been around for centuries; it has evolved from a town crier to the first newspapers in 1665 in London.


Journalism in all its different forms of print had complete market domination. That is until the 1930’s when radios had complete coverage of the news. The next big opposition to ‘traditional journalism’ was Television news which started taking some attention from ‘traditional journalism’ in the 1950’s. Although journalism in print did evolve with the times by adding pictures throughout its lifetime and since 1980 have started printing in colour.


Now journalism has a new frontier mobile journalism. Several questions arise from this statement.

What is mobile journalism? What form of news reporting is working on this?

Those questions have quite simple answers. Mobile Journalism is when the news you find reported on television or in newspapers or magazines can be found online. This doesn’t mean people who have commented on it or small web links. This is when the company has built a website to show all the news that is in the daily newspaper; in other words 100% coverage and all of it online.


These online services are something you occasionally have to subscribe to. Yet, this normally works out cheaper than the normal newspaper price because you don’t pay for printing.  These online versions of newspaper have the ability to be more interactive with the average reader, and provide a complete new level of easy to access news. Even publishing giants see the benefit of this.


Media24 is the largest news company in the whole of South Africa. They publish over 60 magazines including the YOU and HUIS genoot. They also publish more than 100 newspapers this includes Die Burger and the Tyger burger.  They have also moved towards mobile journalism.  They have options were you can purchase magazines subscriptions online; and when you subscribe to this you can get a dozen digital magazines for under a hundred rand. The costs do fluctuate but works out much cheaper then buying them in print. They have also developed websites for their newspapers for example Die Burger, where you can read all the latest news.


All this change, it appears as if nothing is immune to the passage of time and the constant development of technology. Journalism had to evolve or it would slowly fade away.

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If you are interested in pursuing a career in Journalism please click on the link below for more information:

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Very few people want to work for bosses. However few people can afford to be their own boss. It isn’t easy and takes a lot of hard work to become your own boss or to get to the point where you don’t really have one boss, just equals.


However there is two ways this can happen, hard work from inside a company or secondly, you could be an entrepreneur and start your own business. Being an entrepreneur requires many things that may seem difficult but at the same time, the requirements seem lacking.



Do you know what qualification you need to start a business? Nothing!

You don’t need a degree you don’t need a diploma or certificate none of that is necessary.

Now a degree or diploma may help if you are starting out and applying for financial aid but there are examples of many great people succeeding without degrees.

A few examples are:

  • Bill Gates


  • Mark Zuckerberg


  • Steve Jobs (When Steve Jobs first dropped out of college he recycled cans to make get by)


Just because these successful people dropped out doesn’t mean that you have too or that you necessarily should. This just goes to show how you don’t need a degree to be successful. Now we know what someone doesn’t need to be a successful entrepreneur let’s look at what he does need.


The first thing is to do what you enjoy. Starting a business that has the foundation of something you love. This will motivate you to care more about the business and work harder to make sure it is successful; in this regard it is better to focus on passion then just pure money.


However you do need to start a business that will make money and have an income, research all your options thoroughly and make sure you are providing something that consumers want or need. This doesn’t necessarily have to be new but if it is similar to others businesses you need diversity as well as be able to compete with your rivals.


A business is all about the customer, knowing your customer, what they want and how to appeal to your customer. This means that you need to know your target market. The age group of who you appeal to what fluctuations in their income will cause and how this will affect your business.

Also you need to know how to advertise to your target audience. Obviously as the business grows you will hire people to help you with the day-to-day running marketing and so forth of the business but in the beginning when designing the structure of your business you need to know how to appeal to consumers from the beginning.

Finally be organised and delegate.

A business needs to be organised knowing where everything is, is important. Never try to be the sole person in charge of your business you can’t do everything yourself therefore hire people to work for you and delegate responsibilities. These tips should give you a better chance to succeed.

If all else fails there is another solution:



College SA has Small Business Management Courses that can guide you and equip you to start your own business successfully.

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Project Management – Promotion

Have you ever thought about studying a course in Project Management?

Project Management is a very popular field of study, because it is so versatile. People who study Project Management do not necessarily want to become a Project Manager (although this is definitely an option). Rather, many people take up Project Management in order to learn a valuable set of skills that is beneficial in any working environment.

Some of these skills include:

  • Time management skills
  • Planning and organisational skills
  • Leadership
  • Effective communication skills
  • Working well under pressure

In other words, completing a course in Project Management not only has the potential to prepare you for a specific career in Project Management, but the skills and knowledge that you will gain will make you better equipped for ANY type of job!

College SA offers a fantastic FET Certificate in Project Management. This course is offered via distance learning, which means that you do not have to give up your full-time responsibilities in order to study.

The FET Certificate in Project Management is a top quality course. It is a national qualification accredited by Services SETA, and is thus recognised throughout the country.

With this qualification behind your name, employers will recognise that you possess a unique and valuable set of skills, which can surely increase your marketability.

If you are interested in studying towards an FET Certificate in Project Management, then we have great news for you! College SA is giving away a FREE short course for every student who completes their FET Certificate in Project Management.

For your free course, you can choose from the following:

  • College SA Subject Certificate in Delegating for Results
  • College SA Subject Certificate in Managing Performance
  • College SA Subject Certificate in Organisational Skills

So, not only will you have an FET Certificate in Project Management behind your name, but you will also have an additional College SA Subject Certificate! This will definitely add a “WOW” factor to your CV!

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You will get your free short course once you finish the FET Certificate in Project Management.

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Believe in your dreams

“Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” – W. Clement Stone


Since young children, we had dreams and ideals of what we would like to become when we grow up. Most of us wanted to become teachers, fire fighters, police officers, ballerinas, or doctors. As we grew older, a new world opened up to us, and we realised that there are so many different careers to follow.


dreams, goals


Some of us never strayed from our early childhood dreams, and became what we always wanted to. And the rest of us were faced with endless possibilities. Even as adults, we are still faced with new career opportunities, and so often we just dismiss them. We think that we will never be able to land that particular job or enter a new career path. What we do not realise is in fact how easy it could be.


There are three things that you will need:

  1. Training
  2. Experience
  3. Belief in yourself


For students graduating from high school, it might be easier to study a full-time course. But as adults, parents, or working people, we will find it harder to take the necessary time to study. We cannot simply give up our jobs in order to do so. That is why distance learning is so great. It is an easy and convenient way to study a course in virtually any field of interest, and gain the necessary training that many jobs require.


In many industries, experience is just as important as the training itself. This is a major advantage of distance learning – you will be able to gain experience in your field while you study.


In life, there is something more important than training or experience. It is your belief in yourself and your ability to believe in your dreams. If you have a dream of becoming a project manager, but you do not believe that you will ever become one, then you most probably won’t. But if you believe in yourself and you push yourself towards your dream, then you are most likely to succeed. There are few things in life as strong as self belief, hope and determination.


Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” – Gail Devers


It does not matter if you are 16, 35 or 70 years old – if you are faced with a possibility to realise your dream, then go for it! Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. And that is what I would like each and every one of you to remember. Believe in the beauty of your dreams. Believe in your friend’s dreams, believe in your parents’ dreams, believe in your child’s dreams, and most importantly, remember that you should never stop trying to achieve what lies in your heart.


dreams, goals



Pope John XXIII said that we should not consult our fears, but our hopes and our dreams. We should not think about our frustrations, but about our unfulfilled potential. We should concern ourselves not with what we have tried and failed at, but with what is still possible for us to do. I could not agree more.


“Dream it. Believe it.  Be it.” – Oprah Winfrey 

Personal Assistant Power

Hi there Readers, how are you doing?


I know that I have already blogged about College SA’s Personal Assistant course. But, today I want to chat a bit more about makes a Personal Assistant so powerful

Personal Assistants - they rock!



In today’s business world,  a Personal Assistant is responsible for so much. He or she literally has to keep everything running smoothly and under control.

Become a Powerful Personal Assistant




The bottom line is that a Personal Assistant has to be POWERFUL. Do you want to become a POWERFUL PERSONAL ASSISTANT? What kinds of skills does a Powerful Personal Assistant have?

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Excellent project administration skills
  • Excellent office administration skills
  • Excellent skills for setting up and running meetings
  • Excellent business literacy skills
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Excellent conflict management skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent e-mail writing skills
  • Excellent organisation skills
  • Excellent stress management skills


A powerful Personal Assistant has to be brilliant all the time.


Make yourself brilliantly powerful by signing up for one or more quick 2-month College Short Courses. I really recommend going to the College SA website and checking out their great short courses that will make  you become even more brilliant than you already are.


Be brilliant – become a powerful Personal Assistant.


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Project Management Courses at College SA

Are you a Project Manager? Are you thinking about going into the Project Management field? Do you want to find out more about Project Management?  If your answer is YES to any of those questions, then I have some very good news for you …


College SA proudly offers a variety of Project Management courses, in fact, College SA is an expert in the realm of Project Management courses.



If you want to find out absolutely anything about Project Management courses, then you absolutely have to read this really interesting article on the College SA website. Please CLICK HERE to go to this Project Management article.


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