Love yourself …

Hi there Dear Readers,

How are you doing?

Today I am honoured to share with you a post written by a truly beautiful soul. Please read these words as I am sure that they are meant for each one of us.

Thank you Ms T, for your very touching words that follow …


Love yourself

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. It is in this relationship that you set the standard for all others.” – Steve Maraboli


It is the middle of January 2014 and it has already been two weeks since the end of 2013. Over the New Year period, we tend to make a list of New Year’s resolutions. Things such as “Quit smoking”, ‘Lose 10kg”, and “go to the gym” always find a way onto our lists. To be honest, I have never followed through on any of my new year’s resolutions. But this year I have a very important resolution that I want to share with all of you, and I implore you to try this in 2014 (and in the years to come).

My resolution is to love myself.


love yourself


Although it is important to set goals for yourself for the year to come, it is more important to take care of yourself. Not many resolutions start with phrases such as “be kind to yourself”. Taking care of yourself and looking after your well-being is not just physical. Yes, it would be great if you go to the gym, lose those extra kilos, or quit smoking.

But this is something that I have learned over the years – if you are kind to your soul, if you can love yourself with all your flaws, you will live with a remarkable acceptance for yourself and your being.

You will see the beauty in your skinny arms, the beauty in your large feet, the beauty in your over-sized legs, and the beauty in your not-so-flat stomach. Your stretch marks will become beauty marks, your scars and wrinkles a reminder of a life lived. Every breath you take will be in harmony with yourself and the world. And this all starts with you loving yourself the way you would love your own child.

Protect yourself from harm, nurture yourself, and take time for pampering and solitude.


The most powerful human emotion is our ability to love. If you can love others with all of their flaws, why not love yourself in the same way? Loving yourself is treating yourself with respect and allowing yourself to enjoy the simplest things in life. Take this year and make it your own. Do not wait until you have time to do the things that you love; just do them. Start writing a novel of your life, sing in the shower, walk barefoot on the grass, or stand outside and smell the rain.

Love yourself


I have been working at College SA for a few months now and I have met the most wonderful people. And as we care for our co-workers, we also care about all of our students.

I want to leave you with the reminder that you are worthy, you are loveable and you are beautiful…


Love yourself




Dear Readers, wasn’t this an absolutely beautiful post?

Did you, like me, feel that the words were speaking directly to you? 

Sometimes we are given blessings in unusual forms. Today, this post by Ms T is my blessing.

As a very small token of my gratitude for this blessing, I’d like to give Ms T a picture that made me think of her:

Love  Yourself



To end off, I just want to say one last thing …

Love is complicated. It can destroy us or it can nurture us. Love can cause night after night of lonely tears. Or, it can cause us to wake up and smile at the sunshine.

Just remember, Dear Readers, there will always be sunshine – even if you can only see clouds today.

Take care and chat soon,