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Things you need to know about getting a job:


If you are looking for a new job, or, looking to get employed for the first time, then there are a couple of things that you need to know:


  1. There are going to be hundreds of people competing for the same job that you want. So, you need to make sure that you and your CV stand out and get the attention of your future boss.
  2. What really counts is proof that you will actually be able to do the job. So, having a Degree is great, but this does not always mean that you will have the necessary skills to be able to do the job.


Tips  for Career Success

What are some CRUCIAL Skills needed for most jobs?

Below is a list of really important skills needed for most types of jobs. Go through the list and ask yourself if you have these skills:


Get the skills and shine




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It doesn’t matter if you are considering becoming an Accountant or a Graphic Designer – you will need certain basic business skills.

With a College SA Workplace Short Course, in 6 months (or less), you can ensure that you really know how to do the important stuff for your new job.

Do yourself [and your CV a favour] and register for a College SA Short Course.


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The Soccer World Cup’s Champions on the Sidelines

Who’s watching the Soccer World Cup? Or let me rather ask: who isn’t? Already, everyone is talking about those great moments that have played out in Brazil so far (and we aren’t even out of the group stages yet!).

Brazil vs Croatia FIFA 2014 World Cup

Who didn’t loved watching Van ‘Supervan’ Persie’s amazing header as it arched perfectly over that Spanish goalkeeper; Suarez’s phenomenal goals against England; or Germany’s precision as they took Portugal apart piece-by-piece, goal-by-goal? And what about that beautiful corner by Italy, where Pirlo faked ball possession and let Marchisio shoot it straight through into the back of the net?

As soon as a goal is scored, however, the camera cuts straight to those men on the sidelines. They anxiously stand at the edge of the field the whole game, but as soon as the ball hits the net, they shout and pump their fists into the air and laugh, cry, and celebrate as if they themselves were the ones that scored.

Well, this is because these men are essentially responsible for the team’s performance on the field. These are the champions on the sidelines. These are the coaches.

Football fans know their names: Scolari (Brazil), Loew (Germany), or Hodgson (England). Football fans also know that a team’s success or failure can be traced directly back to these coaches. And likewise, College SA knows how important coaches are to a team’s performance. It is for this reason that we offer a number of sports coaching courses (including our College SA Short Course in Coaching Football).

We also know that, while some coaches wear expensive suits, others wear golf-shirts and track pants. We know that while some coaches are world-renowned, others are from small, unknown towns. And we also know that even the coach with the most humble beginnings can one day help their team win the World Cup.

So why can’t it be you standing there next to the field in 2018, holding the next World Cup trophy over your head like you scored the winning goal yourself?

Spain FIFA World Cup 2010

If you’ve always dreamt of doing this, then maybe you should start studying a coaching course today. In the meantime, however, we hope you enjoy the rest of the World Cup!