Tortoise Power (Yes, really … )

Some of you might know about an old story (or fable) that speaks about a race between a Tortoise and a Hare.


Tortoise and the Hare


The story starts off by introducing us to the Hare (really just a bunny rabbit). The Hare challenges his friend, the Tortoise, to a race.

Everyone predicted that the Hare (I am going to call him The Bunny) would win the race.

Look at the picture below and ask yourself which one of the two would win a speed race:

The race


Any logical person would pick the Bunny to win, right?

Well, the Bunny did NOT win the race. The Tortoise won the race.

Who won the race


How did a tortoise beat a bunny in a race?


This is why the Bunny LOST the race:

  • The Bunny was over-confident even before the race started – he did not even consider the possibility that he might lose;
  • The Bunny was arrogant – he mocked the Tortoise and made other ‘people’ laugh at the Tortoise;
  • The Bunny, because he was so over-confident, made silly decisions during the race – during the race he stopped to get something to eat, and after that, he actually took a nap under a tree;
  • The Bunny didn’t even think about checking where the Tortoise was during the race – he was completely oblivious to anything going on around him;
  • The Bunny lost all focus during the race;
  • The Bunny allowed himself to become very distracted during the race;
  • The Bunny took too many breaks during the race.


This is why the Tortoise WON the race:

  • The Tortoise was not afraid to accept a challenge;
  • The Tortoise did not run away when the other ‘people’ mocked him when he accepted the challenge;
  • The Tortoise believed that he was capable of participating in the race;
  • The Tortoise was realistic about his abilities – he knew he was slower, BUT, he also knew that he had more perseverance than the Bunny;
  • The Tortoise knew that in order to finish the race (never mind win the race) that he had to believe in himself;
  • The Tortoise did not take the other competitor (the Bunny) for granted;
  • The Tortoise did not allow himself to lose focus during the race;
  • The Tortoise did not allow himself to quit during the race ;
  • The Tortoise had perseverance. 





In life, one of the greatest skills to have is perseverance. 


Perseverance is directly linked to success:


How to be successful


Another way of understanding perseverance is by the attitude of never giving up – no matter what.


Keep moving


At College SA, we completely understand that the ‘race’ of life can be challenging.


WE believe in YOU. We will be by your side during your entire education journey. We will support you, encourage you and help you.


Be bold – enter the ‘race’ (start studying)


Find a course that interests you.

 Together with YOUR PERSEVERANCE, we will help you successfully pass your course


Don’t be afraid to be a Turtle. Turtle Power!!

Turtle Power

Don’t believe what they say …

It’s a sad fact that, in life, we are going to come across some seriously hurtful people.



Hurtful people


Hurtful people can be hurtful in a variety of different way. Often, hurtful people use cruel words to hurt us.


 Words – even if you delete them off a page – remain in our memories.


For example, I can still remember the hurtful words said to me when I was in primary school by one of the school bullies (and this happened over 25 years ago).


It’s just one of the mysteries and joys of human life – we get hurt and, of course, we hurt others.


Many of our Students at College SA tell me that they experienced people in their lives who were hurtful towards them about their intelligence and about how successful they would (or would not be) later on in life.


My own primary school Principal told me that he didn’t think that I would be very successful in life.


That’s just awful.


There is some good news:

1) Things become easier once you accept that there will always be negative and hurtful people.

2) Things become easier still when you realise that the opinions of those negative people are not based on the truth.

3) Things become even easier when you discover that you can achieve your dreams and be happy, in spite of what those people said to you.


Don't believe the nastiness


What I love about working at College SA is seeing our Students succeed – in spite of what the students may have believed about their supposed lack of intelligence or educational abilities.

With every single student that graduates from College SA, I think to myself:


“Everybody can study. Everybody can improve their knowledge and skills. Everybody can achieve”.


Studying is not just for clever people, or just for the people who did really well in school. If somebody tells you that, they are lying to you.




Studying is for everybody. We are all entitled to become better skilled and better qualified people.


If the only reason why you are not studying now is because somebody told you that you wouldn’t make it, then, it’s time to stop believing what that person told you. They lied to you.


Do not believe what that person said to you.


College SA is a College for all sorts of Students. Our College family welcomes anybody who has a sincere desire to make a difference in their life. 


If you want to start proving to other people, but more importantly, to yourself, that you CAN be successful in your studies, well then, what are you waiting for?


College SA – we are here for YOU.






Our Champions that Overcome

Hi there Dear Readers,


I hope that you are all doing well. In today’s Blog post, I would like to salute all the College SA Super Heroes and Champions.


These champions are our students and are staff members that overcome all the challenges in their lives, no matter how tough these challenges are.


Life always throws us curve balls. Sometimes these curve balls really suck. In fact, life sometimes throws us some truly horrible curve balls.

Coping with curve balls

A champion is somebody that faces these curve balls – head on – and still gets up every morning and does what they need to do.


you can do it


As Students, I know how tough it can be to study – you have to afford your studies, you have to find the time to study etc.

As Staff Members, I know that sometimes work can get tough and stressful.


But, as Champions, we find a way to carry on. We rely on the strength and love of our friends and family. We dig deep within ourselves and we find our inner strength and we discover than we are far stronger than we ever realised.


We find our strength


I know that there are so very many champions out there. Champions, like angels and car guards, are all around us.

Today, I would like to pay tribute to a Champion that sits right next to me – the lovely Sasha.


Sasha, you are part of our our family. We know your laugh just as we know your Spirit.

Our hearts broke with yours when we heard about your diagnosis.

But, every single one of us knew that you would overcome.

Every single one of us here decided to do whatever we can to help you.

Beautiful Sasha, we are by your side during this curve ball journey –

we respect what you are going through and we honour the courage that you show.

Without a doubt, you will overcome.

You are stronger than the diagnosis and you are already crushing the cancer.

You are one of us, and we won’t let you down.

You are braver than brave and lovelier than lovely.


Today, we honour our colleague and friend Sasha – who is kicking cancer’s butt in true Champion style.


We love you Sasha. Thank you for being our Hero.

Our hero, Sasha

You already have what you need to be amazing.

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race~ Calvin Coolidge (30th president of the United States: 1872 – 1933)


For the longest time, I struggled to figure out what my talent was. I can’t sing; I can’t dance on any level worth mentioning; I don’t play sport; and academically, well I did what I could to get to the next level in life. When I saw this quote by Calvin Coolidge, it blew my mind. I had been waiting around for talent that’d get me to the Olympics, or for some kind of unbelievable “X” factor that would lend me a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, but I realise now that talent isn’t the missing factor. What achieves goals is perseverance.

Extraordinary talent at College SA

Thomas Faxwell Buxton

I then realised that being ordinary or average is not the problem. The issue is: what am I going to do about it? I often hear old people saying, “If I had had the opportunities you young people have these days, I would have done great things”. Then I hear friends who dropped out of high school saying, “If I had gotten the education you did, I would have been somewhere amazing in my life”.  Then I hear other people saying, “If I had looks like so and so, I’d be untouchable”. These people think that to do great things, to be somewhere amazing, or to be untouchable, you have to be the kind of person people write books about, but the point is: you are already who you need to be to be amazing or great.

I heard a speaker saying that the place with a lot of wealth is a cemetery. Cemeteries contain books that were never written, songs that were never sung and dreams that were never achieved.

Many people make history by being top of the class, or by filling important positions, but that alone is not what success is made of. Success is made of getting up and going after what you want, knowing that obstacles will be found, and soldiering through them. Don’t wait for the day you are given a million rand in order to start a business, or until you get a PhD to write a book. Don’t look back and think about all the things you wished you did when you were younger. Actor Alan Rickman only landed his first movie role at 46. Nothing can stop a person who perseveres from achieving their goals: not age, not lack of education, not lack of amazing talent, nothing.

CollegeSA is looking to enrol ordinary men and women who want to do extraordinary things with their lives. Get in touch with us and we will help you get started!

As always, take care of yourselves.

Until next time.