The trouble with starting something new – Finishing it!

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Today’s article was kindly written by one of our GREAT College SA staff members. This guy is a particularly special guy. Apart from the amazing work that he is doing at College SA, this guy brings humour, compassion, insight, determination, tenacity and razor-sharp wit to those around him. I’m lucky that I have gotten to know this guy a bit. What he has accomplished in his life is truly inspirational. One of his favourite mottoes is: “Just keep trucking”.

We are very grateful that he has shared this story with us. I hope you enjoy reading these heartfelt words as much as I did.


Today I want to talk about something I find particularly difficult – finishing what I have started.

Finishing something



Since my childhood, studying has been difficult for me. I battled to finish assignments while I was in school. I was often late and seldom paid any attention to what was being taught in the classes. I found the smallest tasks impossibly difficult to focus on and preparing for exams was a nightmare.


Much of my school career was spent in detention, hiding in empty classrooms and avoiding doing the work I found simultaneously boring and challenging.

Empty classroom

By Grade 10, I had begun to believe that I was simply not cut out for academic work of any nature.

My teachers had begun to give up on me and my parents were threatening military school to instill a sense of discipline in their ‘lazy’ son.

As time went by, my attendance started dwindling and my grades began to suffer.

I had to begin asking myself some difficult questions about my future and my options. I only just passed Matric and felt a great relief at the thought of never having to do it again.

After I left high school, I realised my passion and my ideal career would require a piece of paper proving that I was qualified to practice in my field.

The thought of going back to school, and back to studying, left a chill in my spine and a knot in my stomach.


Despite the fear, I moved forward and began the journey of furthering my education. Studying through Distance Learning came with a unique set of challenges, like having to work through all the course material on my own, and requiring me to schedule my studies carefully into my life.

While I knew studying on my own would come with its own set of challenges, I never realised that it would also provide one unexpected benefit – freedom.

I could control how much time I spent on each study session, and I could complete the assignments and portfolios in my own time. This allowed me to take control of my education in a way I never could before. I was able to create a study plan which suited my needs and I could work the course material into my life. I was able to continue working during the day to support myself while working through the study material in the evenings and over weekends.

While it came with its difficulties, I am so happy I continued to study and today I can proudly say I have received that piece of paper and can begin my journey into the career I always dreamed of.

As I mentioned, Distance Learning comes with a unique set of challenges, but it also comes with an equally unique set of benefits. If you have been considering furthering your education via distance learning, head over to the College SA website to learn more about how it could work for you.

“ There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. ”
― Beverly Sills



“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
― Mark Twain

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!





MS Excel – Get your columns in order!

Hi there Dear Readers,

Today I want to tell you about one of College SA‘s great courses – The College SA Certificate in MS Excel (Proficient and Expert).


This is a great course in which you will cover the following topics:



  • Getting started
  • Entering and editing data
  • Modifying a worksheet
  • Using functions
  • Formatting worksheets
  • Printing
  • Creating charts
  • Managing large workbooks
  • Using multiple worksheets and workbooks
  • Lists and tables
  • Web and Internet features
  • Templates and settings



  • Advanced formatting
  • Outlining and subtotals
  • Cell and range names
  • Lists and tables
  • Advanced charting
  • Documenting and auditing
  • Advanced functions
  • Lookups and data tables
  • Advanced list management
  • PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Exporting and importing
  • Analytical options
  • Macros and custom functions
  • Conditional formatting and SmartArt


This course is great for anybody that needs to use Excel as part of their job. Head on over to the College SA website and find out more about this great course.


Study with College SA


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Being a Manager

Managers… and the unique skills they posses 

Have you ever wondered about what sort of skills managers need and use every day?


Most of us have worked for a manager at some time or another in our lives, and we can probably all agree, it is NOT an easy job.


Managers have to demonstrate a specific set of skills and abilities to perform their duties successfully. Some people think this set of specific skills comes naturally, but we disagree.


Studying a Management Course is a great way of learning, or improving the skills you already have, with the goal of becoming an awesome manager.


Managers are usually employees who have displayed an exceptional set of skills, and have been noticed by the higher levels of the business..


We have listed a few of the top skills and abilities companies are always on the lookout for:


  • They have good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • They are able to show empathy towards others.
  • They have the ability to motivate a team.
  • They can think critically, and are good at solving problems.
  • They have strategic planning skills.
  • They have good time management skills.
  • They are flexible, and can adapt well to change.
  • They are well-organised.
  • They are able to take the initiative when the situation requires it.
  • They have basic financial skills.


Still think these skills all come naturally without any training?


Study Management Courses at College SA




Have a look through the Management Courses available through College SA and begin your journey into management right now.


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Bursaries: red-tape and empty promises

Hello dear Readers,


Today I wanted to highlight a terrible truth which escapes the attention of the world stage. I am not talking about violence, or poverty. Nor am I discussing HIV or domestic abuse. Today I am talking about fraud, and the millions of victims who fall prey to it each year.

Many of our students come to us asking about bursaries in order to help them complete their qualifications.

When we tell our students that we don’t offer bursaries, they most often respond with a comment like:

“But there are other colleges which will offer me a bursary. Why should I study here?”

I felt it was important that we discuss bursaries and what they really entail today.

A bursary is an agreement made between a student and a college of financial assistance. In other words; the college offers to pay for your studies, in order to help you complete your qualification.


Saving money with College SA



Sounds amazing… right?


Wrong. The truth is nothing in life is free and I urge our students to read the fine-print very carefully before signing any form of bursary agreement.

The bursary itself is very often a loan agreement. This means you are borrowing the money from the college in the same way you would from a bank. This also means, if you fail to pay one of the monthly repayments, after you have completed your course, the college can take serious legal action against you. This will affect your credit rating and may make it very difficult for you to buy a car or a house in the future.

Bursaries work differently at different institutions.

Sometimes the agreement is for the college to pay a percentage of the course fees.

Another example is when the college pays for the 2 years it takes you to complete a diploma, however, they have you sign a contract agreeing to work for them in return for two years after completing your qualification.

Each situation is different, and each situation comes with its own risks. Once again – I strongly urge you to read the contract very carefully before you sign anything.

Read the information carefully






Head over to the College SA website to learn more about bursaries and how they may not be the amazing opportunity they were advertised as.



Take care and keep warm!



Want to improve your career?

Hi there dear Readers,


Most people don’t have any idea what to study so that you can improve your career and maybe even get a promotion. It’s okay to be a bit confused. It’s also okay to be very confused. College SA can help you decide exactly what you need to study (and why).

Okay, firstly, take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay. At College SA, we have your back! The next thing I would like you to do is to get comfortable – we are going to be spending a few minutes together chatting about your different options. Switch off the TV, put your phone away, this is OUR time together.

Together, with College SA



Right, before we begin, let me just mention to you that you have a few options here:

  • If you want advice RIGHT AWAY and you would prefer to speak to one of our very friendly Course Experts, then the best thing to do would be to call the College – 0800 21 23 22.
  • If you would prefer to figure things out on your own, and you are not ready to speak to one of our Course Experts, then head over to College SA’s FREE Career Test website. On this website there are so many different FREE personality and career tests for you to take. All of these tests will help you to get to know yourself better and help you figure out what you would like to be doing in life in terms of your career. CLICK HERE to go straight to the Career Test website.


OR, carry on reading and then you can decide if you are ready to speak to one of our Course Experts or if you would like to go to College SA’s FREE Career Test website.


I have got a couple of questions for you. Just be relaxed and answer them as truthfully as you can – your answers will help us to decide what course will be best for you.

1) Are you already in a career / job and you want to stay in that career / job, but you just want to improve your current skills and maybe even get promoted?

If your ANSWER is YES, carry on reading the information here.

If you are reading this it means you would like to stay in your current career or industry, but you would like to improve your current skills and expertise. Right, what you need to do next is to go to the College SA website, and go to their page that speaks about all different careers.


* CLICK HERE to go to the College SA page for a full list of careers listed alphabetically


Once you are that page, go through the list and find the name of the career that you are in, then CLICK on the name of the career. You will be then be taken to another page that will list the courses that we recommend that you study for that career. You can click on the name of the courses for more information about them.

So, for example, on the page that lists all the careers, I saw the career ‘Educare Teacher’. Imagine that I am already an Educare teacher, but I just want to learn more skills. So I click on the career name ‘Educare Teacher‘. By doing that, I go to a new page that has suggestions on what courses I should study if I am interested in becoming a better Educare Teacher. On that page, I can click on the names of those courses and then I can find out more about those courses.

Easy! Find the name of the career or industry that you are in, CLICK on the name, and then you will be given a list of suggested courses.


2) Do you know if you would prefer to study a SHORT COURSE rather than a course that will take you more than a year?

If your ANSWER is YES, carry on reading the information here.

You need to find out more information about what SHORT COURSES are and which SHORT COURSES College SA offers. You can either read an earlier blog article about College SA’s short courses, or you can go straight to the College SA website.


* CLICK HERE to go to the earlier blog post about College SA’s short courses

*  CLICK HERE to go to the College SA page about their short courses


How are you doing? You doing okay? Please don’t panic – at College SA we are committed to helping you find the right course to study.


I know that I have given you a lot of information to read and to think about. The most important thing to remember is that we want to help you make the best decisions.

Like I said earlier, I encourage you to:

  • If you want advice RIGHT AWAY and you would prefer to speak to one of our very friendly Course Experts, then the best thing to do would be to call the College – 0800 21 23 22.
  • If you would prefer to figure things out on your own, and you are not ready to speak to one of our Course Experts, then head over to College SA’s FREE Career Test website. On this website there are so many different FREE personality and career tests for you to take. All of these tests will help you to get to know yourself better and help you figure out what you would like to be doing in life in terms of your career. CLICK HERE to go straight to the Career Test website.


I hope that you have found this information useful. Remember that education will change your life.


Until next time,