Get Creative!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

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Are you creative?

Take a look at the questions below, and answer them for yourself:

  1. Are you a curious/inquisitive person?
  2. Do you enjoy being unique?
  3. Do you like to take risks?
  4. Do you observe things around you?
  5. Do you often find yourself daydreaming?
  6. Do you appreciate art and beauty?
  7. Do you have a good imagination?
  8. Are you good at expressing yourself?
  9. Are you adaptable?
  10. Do you like new challenges?

If you answered YES to most of these questions, then you are a creative individual!

Don’t let your creative genius go to waste! How about taking up a few Creative Courses to stimulate and enhance your creative potential?

College SA offers a wide variety of valuable Creative Courses. What’s more, these courses are all offered through distance learning – allowing you to study from a location of your choice.

This is perfect for a creative individual like you. We understand that you need to be in an environment that you are comfortable with in order for your creativity to blossom. And with distance learning, you have this freedom of choice! You can choose to study from the comfort of your home, from your favourite coffee shop, or even at the beach!


Did you know?

Doing aerobic exercises (such as running) can increase your creative potential.

Studies have shown that people are at their most creative 2 hours after taking part in aerobic exercise. So when your mind is feeling muddled and foggy, try going for a run, or playing your favourite sport.


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What’s great about Creative Studies is that it offers something for every personality type – from introverts to extroverts.

College SA is bound to have a course that is perfect for you!

We offer Creative Courses (ranging from short courses to diplomas) in the following fields:

If you think you would enjoy studying a Creative Course, you are most welcome to contact our friendly Course Experts for more information.

They are looking forward to hearing from you and answering any questions that you may have.

Contact us (toll-free!) on:

0800 21 23 22


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A wedding must-do

Whether the big question has been popped, or whether it was just a mature decision between two grown-ups to tie the knot, the fact still remains: A wedding is on the way!

Most girls cannot wait to plan their big day. I know that I am definitely one of those hopeless romantics who want every fine detail to be perfect – from the dress, to the music, to the ‘thank you’ gifts. And let’s not forget those beautifully captured moments!


I saw someone’s Facebook status the other day that read, “Photographs have a way of remembering those little precious memories, long after you have forgotten them”. Well, thank goodness for technology and cameras!

Some of our best instruments when taking photos are our eyes. Everyone sees and perceives things differently, from details, to colour contrasts, to which moments are camera-worthy. So, when I get married one day, I won’t be having professional photographers at the ceremony or reception. Instead, I have decided that I would like my closest family and friends to capture their favourite moments of my big day.

So, here’s my detailed plan:

Choosing the photographers: A month or two before the special day, my partner and I will decide who will have the privilege of receiving one or two disposable cameras to capture special moments on our wedding day. (Note to self: Remember to choose carefully – our wedding album rides on this decision).

Brief them shortly: I will be sure to brief them shortly beforehand, so that they know what types of moments I would like them to capture. This will be such an intimate and fun experience for the “photographers” on the day.

A week before the big day: At this point, I will already have the perfect image of what my perfect wedding day will look like. I will make a card with keywords on them so that the photographers have an idea of what I am looking for.


The big day: If there are particular photos that I would like, I will be sure to inform one of the guests holding a camera. Other than that, I will relax and enjoy every moment. ♥

Do you say “I do”?

Saying “I Do” To Your Future

I swear – if I get invited to another wedding, I am going to scream. I don’t know what is happening lately, but it seems like people everywhere are getting married.


Marriage is a beautiful thing, and what can be more special than the joining together of two lives? However, I must admit that all these weddings can be quite intimidating … for many different reasons.

I wouldn’t know where to start. I know that hiring a wedding planner can cost a fortune, but it is probably a good way to go, as the stress of getting married puts more than enough on your plate as it is. There is so much to do and organise even with the luxury of a wedding planner.

Studying a wedding planner course can be extremely beneficial. There is a definite need for more wedding planners. From what I can tell, there really never are enough of them.

A wedding planning course can help you to understand the planning and processes that go on behind the scenes at weddings. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to look at things a bit differently when you go to your next wedding?

In fact, studying wedding planning will enable you to give the best wedding present ever to a family member or friend – the gift of helping them to plan their wedding (and saving them thousands of Rands in the process).

Not to mention that you will be able to plan your own wedding. If you are not already married, you will have the chance to pick up a whole variety of tips and tricks before your own wedding comes along. You will really know how to create a perfect and magical wedding.


Take care,

Chat soon.

Wedding Planning Courses

Say “I do to becoming a Wedding Planner.


If the world of veils, cakes and vows is calling you, then you are ideally suited to becoming a Wedding Planner.


Wedding Planning Studies at College SA

Become a Wedding Planner


College SA offers three Wedding Planning courses:


1) College SA Certificate in Wedding Planning

2) College SA Advanced Certificate in Wedding Planning

3) College SA Diploma in Wedding Planning


CLICK HERE to go to the College SA website to read more about our dreamy Wedding Planning courses